How to develop your professional network in Dubai

networking in Dubai
Updated 2021-11-11 12:50

Dubai is without any doubt a city of opportunities for expats. However, expect a cultural shock, different laws and regulations from what you are used to while working or doing business in Dubai. So, before you take any decision regarding your project, make sure to have a professional network you can rely on. Here are some tips to get you started.

Social networking in Dubai

Social networks like Linkedin and Facebook can be a great tool. Linkedin is more of a professional social network for people to connect with colleagues and business associates. It offers a job search engine, information about events, messaging facilities, etc. Registration is free of charge. However, there are two options for creating an account. Choosing a 'premium' account involves charges, but it allows you to do extra things like sending messages to people who do not currently know you. LinkedIn is a handy network for recruiters, especially when it comes to finding the right candidates fast. Facebook is very widely known and has many expat groups like 'Expats in Dubai', etc. Try, as much as possible, to remain active on social networks. Create a profile, start writing posts and introduce your products or services to people. In this digital era, advertising via social networks is very effective. It could be part of your personal development and help you learn more about yours and others' products and services.

Exhibitions and seminars

Dubai World Trade Centre is the UAE's leading event venue and the most extensive exhibition centre. This venue hosts more than 1.4 million visitors and 6,000 exhibitors every year. The complex comprises eight exhibition halls, as well as the Dubai International Convention Centre and residential apartments. Many exhibitions are held in DWTC almost every month. It's an excellent opportunity to meet more potential business partners.

Social clubs

There are also many social groups and expat communities in Dubai. The Canadian Business Council of Dubai, for example, opens its doors twice a month for its events. It's usually an informal gathering to help Canadians communicate and get in touch with other business people in the region. The Scottish Association of Dubai is dedicated to promoting Scottish culture, traditions and events in the Emirate. There are many more social clubs from different countries. On the other hand, expats create similar groups on social networks like Facebook.

Build your contacts

You may know a hundred people in Dubai, but it's always best to keep their contacts. Suppose that you need legal advice, perhaps you already know someone from a legal firm. Keep your contacts updated and try to help each other. By contributing to other businesses, your own business will remain at the forefront of their attention, and they may be grateful too.

It is said that living in Dubai is like being on a fast race track. Every day, you compete with others and try to prove that you are the best. This is perhaps why more and more expats are choosing Dubai to live, work or start a business in. Check our Dubai forum to meet other expats and learn more about the city.

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