Medical unfit due to old TB scar in UAE


In 2016 I went to UAE in businsess VISA and  when I approche medical test to VISA stamping, they sent be back because they have found the scar on my x-ray (Old TB scar) and even i did not have TB in past
No one in my family has ever had TB and I am surprised by this outcome. I did medical test in India and has been cleared.

I fund a report in khaleejtimes

Please advise me how to do medical record procedures from my home country.

Thank You

We have had many discussions on this on the forum.  Use the search button.  Attaching one recent thread:

try to get test from somewhere else then check. maybe they are wrong.

Yes but separate the two topics.

Finding out whether you have a disease is one matter but trying to go back to UAE is quite another.

Read the thread that I pasted.  if you have been deported and permanently banned (with eye scan), it is very difficult to lift irrespective of what tests you do in your home country.

Hi Xtang,
I hope you can help me out. Same topic old scar
My company applied for employment visa after medical test and sputum test muhaisnah centre gave me medical certificate saying unfit as they see old scar of tb
Well as per my knowledge I never had any disease or taken medication. May be in childhood I had TB  and went without medicines because of good immunity.
we went to midriff medical uptown they saying my husband can apply for dependent visa. For that I hv to exit and wait for 4 or 5 months so that immigration can lift the unfit to fit. Is it really possible? Should I exit? I want to change my employment status to dependent stays without exit for this unfit case. Pl advice.

They changed law to allowing families to be sponsored despite old cases of TB.  You won't be able to work but at least you will be able to stay with your family.  Usually this application is done when you are OUTSIDE UAE.

Hi xtang,
As they mention I hv to exit and can be done when I am outside  Do you have any idea how much time usually it takes to change this status to fit case because once immigration do it then only I can apply for dependent visa.any idea?? Also aft I exit can I come in visit visa while these process is going on??
This is soo disappointing I nvr had this disease and I am suffering for it.

I can't speak to the time as every case is different but I assume that it would take at least a couple of months.  No you can't come on visit visa as you are likely to be banned when you first exit.

Hello I just want to ask if you were deported cause they find out that you have scar and your a permanent ban. And if in case that the scar is gone you have all your medical certificate from 2017 2018 2019 that your xray is clear theres no scar on your lungs and it was also attested by the uae embassy is there any possibility that you can file for lifting that ban by giving them the medical certificate attested by uae embassy that everything is clear..

Hi xtang,
I got ban I will exit on 13th. I don't know wht to do now nobody here in Dubai giving proper procedure people say I can lift ban but how? Some say submit medical certificate attested to uptown but what certificate uae immigration want that I don't have scar or am not active patient and certificate  from any hospital from my homecountry is ok?

I already told you clearly. You have to be outside when application for lifting ban is made.

Hi xtang,
I am going outside only. But after moving outside whta I hv to do that's what my question is. Which hospital government approved or any hospital is fine and after attestation where I hv to give this documents in uae.
I hope now u understood wht I am enquiring  about.

That's what your husband needs to check. I know people who went to musainah, others who went to the clinic where the result were marked etc.

I want to ask i have a small fibrous scar in my lungs i dont know if i can pass my medical im working here in dubai almist 8 years already

No one can tell you that.  But if you passed the last medical while the scars were there, then there is a high chance that you will clear the next one as well.

And don't send private messages immediately after posting - copying / pasting the same post.  Show some courtesy and have some patience.

This is my new visa in new company but i got 3 visa already in my old 3 company but i only knew that i have a small fibrous scars last month when my doctor ask me to go xray coz of my cough

Nothing to do except to hope for the best then.

I hope but i only confussing i dont have tb before but i get small fibrous scar in lower chest

It doesn't matter what you have.  What matters is what the doctors will assess it as.

Go get a quantiferon gold TB test done at your own expense.  If negative, you can use it to try and convince the doctor that you don't have TB - in case if there is any issue in the medical.  Besides, you are already in the UAE; they have relaxed the rules for TB for existing visa holders.  It is only new visas which are not granted.

Its means new visa for new comer in dubai so i need to pay in private to make it sure that i dont have tb i need to do sputum and blood test for tb ? To prove  that i dont have tb

Read what I wrote.  I have already answered.

Brother have ur medical done, what was the result ?


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