How to find a job in Dublin

Finding work in Dublin
Updated on 08 July, 2019

Of all the jobs in Ireland, 30% of them are in Dublin. The capital city is a popular destination for foreign professionals as there are many jobs up for grabs. For most of the people looking to move to Ireland, it will be the job opportunities that bring them to the city. Also, there is a lot of scope for progression in your chosen area of work in the city. Here is how to go about finding a job in Dublin.  

The local economy

Dublin is economically very successful as a city. There is a wealth of trade, and they are the major contributor to the overall economy in Ireland. Almost half of the country's GDP comes from the capital. Besides, there is a large concentration of well-educated people in the city.

Almost 60% of the international students that come to the country study in the city and 35% of the adult population in the city has a higher education degree of some kind. Unemployment levels are very low, and the city has the highest average salary in the country in, that is around the EUR36,000 mark.

Being the capital city, there are many jobs in the public sector and government available. In terms of the sectors where the most money is, generally, the answer is finance. The financial services sector in the country is 5th in the European rankings. It is expected that a lot of new jobs in finance will appear following the culmination of Brexit, with many firms leaving London for Dublin.

The technology sector is also rapidly growing in the country. There are many massive multinational tech companies with their European headquarters in Dublin. There are also major offices for the likes of Google, Facebook and Amazon.

Most sectors of employment are catered for in Dublin including in engineering, construction and manufacturing.

How to find a job

The best way for you to search for employment in Dublin depends on what sector you work in. For certain sectors, you will need to get an employment permit. One of the common ways in which people get well-positioned in Dublin is through inter-company transfers. Therefore, you should approach large multinationals that have a presence in Dublin and see if they have job opportunities in the city. If you already work for one of these companies, you can inquire to see what open positions they may have in Dublin.

Recruitment agencies are popular in Dublin, and they can help match you with the ideal job. Some of the popular agencies in Dublin includes Hays and Sigmar Recruitment. There is also an abundance of different job websites where you can browse through the various opportunities to see what is the best fit for you. See the useful links below.

If you are looking for a job after arriving in Dublin, you can also spot opportunities through word of mouth, on notice boards, in newspapers and going to the likes of career fairs and events to network with those in your desired sector.

Going to a job interview

When you get notified that you have an upcoming job interview, it is essential that you prepare properly for it. A lot of the time, it will be a face to face conversation where they discuss your experience, your knowledge of the relevant profession and your strengths and weaknesses. It is a good idea to dress smartly and make a good first impression. Some job interviews will involve rounds of testing, such as case study written assignments and the likes. You should inform yourself as best as possible about what you will be facing in your upcoming interview. This allows you to prepare properly.

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