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hi there, could anybody help me. I am looking for a job and it's been a while now. I speak English and french. I have been in Ireland for the past 3 years. I am open to jobs like coffee shop, retail, deli etc.. I have experience and I am a real quick learner. I live in Malahide and looking for something around. Be great if somebody could refer me

Generally those kind of jobs- cafes, deli etc. aren't really advertised.  The best thing to do is just print of loads of CVs and give them into every cafe you see even if they don't have a sign up.

If you are French then another option would be office based/call center work if you and interested in it? Some of these jobs require previous sales or i.t. experience but many just require fluency in another language and give you full training.  Places like Hertz, Pay pal and ebay would be a good place to start looking or go to a recruitment agency.  Good luck!

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Hi There!

I am a mature and experienced Au Pair and Housekeeper. I am currently in Germany but am looking for a position and will be able to start on 4 December. If possible I prefer a live in position.  CV and references available. Kindly contact me as soon as possible. Thank you kindly.

Hello suzie1953, you should post an advert in the Jobs in Dublin section. It could help. :)

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