Spousal Visas for work in Dublin

My wife and I are moving to Dublin July 1 with my company, but she will be attempting to find work.  I realize it isn't the easiest thing to do, but according to my company and my green card permit, she has access to a spousal visa.  It is my understanding that she needs a job offer, and can convert her residence status to a work permit, without any additional fees or work on behalf of the employer.  I understand that getting sponsored by an Irish Company is difficult, but does anyone have experience with a spousal visa on the back of a green card permit?  It would seem like the process shouldn't be as taxing as a normal work permit and visa.


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The work permit scheme for spouses not only waive fees and labor market test, the spouse is able to seek any type of employment, including part time work.

That said, check this out at the DJEI.ie website:  http://www.djei.ie/labour/workpermits/guidelines.htm

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Thanks so much. Have you applied for the visa before? Do you know how it is viewed by employers or how long it takes to process?  Sorry for the questions. I've read all the info but haven't actually talked to anyone who has done it.



I have the spousal visa (stamp 3) and for us it was a lengthy process. 

Review this page: 
http://www.inis.gov.ie/en/INIS/Pages/Jo … Researcher

We married after moving to Ireland.  I think that complicated things. For you, I believe if you are entering together, the immigration officer will refer you to Burgh Quay.  If you have all the pertinent information she should (but truthfully I am not sure) receive her residency stamp then. 

For long term contract (9+ months) or permanent positions, the work permit should not be an issue.  During your wife's interviews she should explain that she has Stamp 3 Visa that can be converted to work permit bearing she receives an offer.  She may want to mention all the particulars like no fee, labor tests etc...   It should take no more than 3 weeks to process.  Either the company or your wife can submit the application for the permit.

Keep in mind only one work permit can be applied for within the year. 

You may be able to contact someone at INIS to confirm the residency process for your situation.

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Thank you so much again. Your responses are great and we appreciate them. Do you have any advice for finding work?  I know they have recruitment agencies similar to the US. Any good ones you know of, or good sites to use? 


Hello Drewsome25.

These articles on Work in Ireland might help you. :)


The PDF on the site linked states the following -- I'm in the same boat and am having a lot of trouble with it.  Companies are reluctant to sponsor at the moment simply because it takes forever (over 2 months) to process.

Can my Spouse and Dependants work?

Yes once they are legally resident in the State on the basis of being your Spouse or Dependant, and you applied for your first Work Permit before 1 June 2009, they are free to seek employment and to apply for a Spousal/Dependant work permit.

However, if you applied for your first Work Permit on or after 1 June 2009, your Spouse or Dependant will be required to apply for a Work Permit in their own right according to standard work permit eligibility criteria, including a labour market needs test, restriction to vacancies in eligible job categories and payment of the standard application fee.