Internship in Dublin

I am currently doing a two year post A-level course in International Trade in Paris, France.
A 8 weeks work placement which could be extended to 3 months is a compulsory part of the course.
I would like to do this internship in Ireland and especially in Dublin to improve my english, and because it is a very pleasant city.
The internship should start the 6th of May.
Please, if anyone could tell me more about company who are interested in, it would be a pleasure.
Thank you

Hello JeanneeB.

Welcome to! :)

I invite you to read these articles on Work/Labor market in Ireland.

You can post an advert in the Jobs in Dublin section as well. It can help.

Wish you good luck in your research,

Internships are very scarce in Ireland because of the economic crisis and austerity. Unemployment is 15% (and rising).