Advice to work as a dentist in Ireland


I live in Barcelona and i will become dentist in june, I would like information from people who is dentist in Irland or if you know about some recruitment agency can recomend me? i would like advices in general about Dublin or places where i can find opportunities for a job as a dentist.

I am interest in people can give me some advices to start a new life in Irland, i can recomend you manythings from Barcelona if you like...



Have a look at the website for the Irish dental association for more info: they also have jobs listed so it would be a good place to start. Apart from that you can try uploading your cv to other popular jobs websites like and

Thank you for you reply, are you from Dublin? i am looking about you think is a good moment to move to Irland? the crisis in Spain is terrible...i donŽt have big responsabilities here so i would like to move and enjoy another country. Regards.


Hi smilesmile,

I only stumbled across your thread now. You may not be aware of this, but many Irish people are increasingly availing of dental treatment abroad because of the high cost of treatment here in Ireland. But good news for you!

This is your opportunity to enter as a registered dentist and offer a competitive price that would attract many customers. Registering is relatively easy here. You could open your own dental surgery and have your lab equipment transported here from Spain. Property prices are really cheap now - down 60% since 2007. However, advertise your business and prices - that's very important! In your advertisements, make a reference to something like " guaranteed 20% cheaper". I would recommend the north west region of Ireland - these are generally areas where many people go abroad to get treatment. I would not recommend working in partnership with existing Dentists.