The labour market in Dublin

The Dublin labour market
Updated on 09 July, 2019

Almost a third of the population of Ireland lives in Dublin. Despite Ireland being a relatively small country in Europe, they are still one of the leading destinations for large multinational companies. This is largely down to their educated workforce and their favourably low corporation tax rate. Today, about 30% of the total employment in Ireland is in Dublin, spanning a wide variety of different sectors.

Popular sectors in Dublin

In recent years, there has been significant growth in the number of tech companies in Ireland. Many leading firms like Google, Facebook and Apple have their European operations based in Dublin and the surrounding areas. As a result, there has been a large increase in demand for those in the tech field. One region in particular in Dublin is known for its tech companies is the Docklands. This area has been dubbed the 'Silicon Docks'.

Business and finance companies are a major source of employment in Ireland, with many global accountancy firms having a significant presence in the country. There are also banking giants aplenty, with many transferring their operations over to Dublin from the likes of London as a result of Brexit.

The health service provides a lot of opportunities in a variety of roles. There is a high level of demand for certain medical professions.

Sales is one of the most popular job positions you will find in Dublin. This can come in many different guises, such as working in retail sales to working in large corporations selling their goods and services.

There is a significant presence for the pharmaceutical sector in and around Dublin. There are regular openings in many different positions in these companies.

Besides, there is constantly a demand for many different types of engineers and the construction sector as a whole is currently booming. There is a push to try and increase the limited supply of housing in Dublin, which means that there is a lot more work for those in the construction trade, whether it is labourers, plumbers, electricians and so on.

Averages salaries in Dublin

Here is a list for the average salary for some of the most popular jobs in Dublin:

Overall Average: â¬36,759
Software Engineer: â¬44,283
Software Developer: â¬37,600
Senior Software Engineer: â¬62,055
Operations Manager: â¬48,967
Staff Nurse: â¬31,914
Office Administrator: â¬26,177
Senior Fund Accountant: â¬40,000
QA Analyst: â¬40,000
Civil Engineer: â¬52,500
Newly Qualified Solicitor: â¬70,000
Teacher: â¬30,550

Good to know:

The current unemployment rate in Dublin is 4.6%

Sectors with particular shortages

There are a number of sectors in Dublin which are looking to fill shortages of skilled workers.

In the area of professionals, there is a constant demand for those with IT skills such as software developers, security, infrastructure, networking, utilisation of big data and technical support.

On the engineering side, there is a demand for those in the biomedical field, as well as in chemical, mechanical and electrical engineering.

In the science field, there is a demand for microbiologists, QC analysts, formulation scientists, and development chemists.

There is a constant demand in the business and finance sector for those in compliance, risk, data analytics, business intelligence and accounting.

The health sector is always on the lookout for doctors, radiographers, nurses and those who specialise in niche areas of medicine.

A strong level of demand always exists for those who are in sales, as well as for operative drivers, chefs, credit controllers and payroll specialists.

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