Finding a job and working in Ireland

Finding work in Ireland
Updated 2020-04-30 14:06

The Irish economy is a strong one, with decent levels of economic growth and low levels of unemployment. There are many multinational companies with their European bases in Ireland, which means that there are jobs in a variety of different sectors. The process of finding a job is pretty straightforward and will be similar to a lot of other countries. 

Where to look for a job in Ireland

There are a few different places to go about finding a job in Ireland. Naturally, if you have any contacts in the country, this can be an easy way to get your foot in the door if they have or know about any job vacancies going in your field of expertise. Otherwise, there are many job websites that you can check to see what is on offer. Below are some of them:

Jobs in Ireland 
Irish Jobs
Simply Hired

There are also recruitment agencies working across Ireland which will take a lot of the searching out of your hands. This allows you to focus instead on preparing for interviews, as they will find suitable employment opportunities according to your profile. Some of the most popular recruitment agencies include; Sigmar Recruitment, Hays Recruitment, Morgan McKinley and FRS Recruitment.

There are regular career fairs taking place in Ireland where companies go to advertise new job opportunities. This gives you a good insight into what they are looking for, and you can meet other employees in the flesh before committing to anything. Other places that will have jobs advertised will include newspapers and notice boards. Word of mouth is another powerful tool. 

The most promising fields for expats in Ireland

There are a number of industries that are always looking for skilled workers. The demand for workers is constant, and it looks set to stay that way going into the future. Many multinational tech companies are basing their European operations in Ireland, so there are a lot of interesting positions in this sector. Pharmaceuticals is a big business in Ireland, and these companies are constantly expanding their staff base. Other promising fields include finance, IT and healthcare. Learn more about the Irish labour market.

Preparing for a job interview in Ireland

Consider getting a free CV review at TopCV. Once you have your CV/resumé up to date and you have successfully secured some job interviews, then you will need to prepare for the challenge ahead. 

The interview process will depend on what industry the job is in, but generally, there will be face to face with a couple of people from the company. They will talk to you about the role and ask you questions to see if you would be a good fit. To prepare for this part of the interview, you should research the company and in particular their operations in Ireland if they are a multinational company. 

You should know the different positions you would be asked to fulfil as part of the role and be prepared to showcase why you would be a good fit to carry out these tasks to a high standard. 

Often, there will be some type of assessment as part of the interview process. This could be a questionnaire or a case study on which you will have to answer some questions. This will ensure that you are competent in given areas that will be important for the job. You will be able to find a variety of sample tests for your respective industry online if this is the case. 

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