Looking for job opportunities to immigrate to Ireland


I'm looking for job opportunities in Ieland and i would like to immigrate , so if someone know a really trusted website where to apply and does have real job opportunities  , i would really appreciate that.

i was applying in many websites  but seems like those are just looking for people are already there .

Thanks in Advance

Hello Abdellah,

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You may have a look at the websites listed in the Finding a job and working in Ireland article.

What are your qualifications ?




Thanks for your comment

i have two diplomas , first one as a technician in commercial actions and marketing and the second as a specialist financial accountant , and i have three internships , two as a sales advisor in logistic company and one as a salesman in an electronic shop , i've been struggling  to find job opportunities in my country , that's why i am looking for a better chance abraod , i do speak 3 languagues already ( Arabic, English and French )

if you have any recommendations for me ,i'll be more than happy to hear from you

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Feel free to create your CV in the Jobs in Ireland section of the website for better exposure and apply/search on the websites listed in the Guide.

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@Abdellah 25


i am sitting in the same situation and have also requested information on which Companies to contact in South Africa or Ireland to assist with job opportunities and how to apply.

Please assist.

thank you.


Hi and welcome to the Forum.

The Irish Government have a website that deals with Immigration; this link will take you straight to it.

With regards to finding an employer, my advice to all of you would be to join something like LinkedIn and then reach out to your peers to find out who is hiring, when and where.  You can also place your CV in our Jobs section (top of this page).

I hope this helps.


Expat Team

I have joined the websites but its all regrets, being in a different continent it requires someone in Ireland to recommend you for an opportunity. I am a fellow ACCA vacancies are available but its all regrets.

I would greatly appreciate any one in Ireland to recommend me for an accounting position.

Thanking you in advance.

@mwariwakanaka hello and welcome !

I don't think you will find a job by posting on the forum section. Our members are themselves looking for info.

I would suggest that you create your CV In the Jobs in Ireland section of the website or contact Recruitment Agencies in Ireland.

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Thanks a lot for your time , i apprectiate your help and hopefully i'll get lucky to find some employers that hiring currently 1f64f.svg