English Nurse

Hi everyone,

I've recently qualified as a registered nurse in England and I am working in an emergency department.

I am a British citizen who is head over heels in love with Western Ireland and myself and my family are wanting to move to there in 18/24 months with me securing employment in an ED over there.

I've been doing a lot of research and I've emailed NMBI directly (no reply) and not finding the answers to some of my more specific questions so I'm touching base with you guys in the hopes of getting these answers directly from someone who has maybe already gone through this.

I understand I would fall under a G3 category with NMBI and I am seeing lots of things about English competency - English is my first language, do I need to prove this or is there some sort of understanding that as a born and bred British citizen that I am competent in all areas of the English language?

Can I register with the NMBI now even though I have limited post qualification experience and don't intend of applying for jobs for 12/18 months when I'll no longer be classified as newly qualified? All being well I'll be coming over with 18/24 months post qualification experience.

I keep seeing things about a reciprocal agreement post Brexit and I'm just wondering what this means for British nurses wanting to come over and work? Are there any added barriers to coming over or any steps that can be by-passed?

I'm very keen to start to get things in place early to try and avoid delays and to ensure there is enough time to sort out any issues that may arise so myself and my family can be over as close to August/September 2025.

Thanks a lot to anyone who is able to help :)

Hi Ire0614,

I can give general advice.

If not coming till 2025 then to be honest no point applying now. When you do get on register, and there is a fee as you know to apply, you then have to pay €100 yearly for the privilege of staying on register!!!, so if u got approved in early 2024 you would pay €100 then Dec 2024 to stay on register for 2025. I would say if u not planning coming till Aug 2025 then hold off to apply till end 2024 this gives plenty time to have all in order etc.

I am presuming you've been on NMBI website and downloaded the information booklets  etc. If you haven't then highly advise you do, it does explain there you won't need to do the English test if you are from a recognised English speaking country.

The reciprocal agreement has many facets but basically as a British citizen you won't need a work visa to work here, no restrictions travel over and back etc.

Once you have your experience I'm sure you will have no problem finding a job, Emergency depts always need nurses. Irishjobs.ie, is a website to check out. You could also probably contact hospital HR depts directly but obviously not until you are registered and can give a definite start date.

Best of luck!