CORU Period of Adaptation

Hi All,

My name is Charles. I'm a newbie in this forum. I'm an optometrist qualified from Nigeria.

I'm searching for a place and a supervisor where I can do a 9month Period of Adaptation to enable me become a CORU registered optometrist.

I would be grateful if I can get an assistance.

Thanks all.

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@ndyuba80 Hi. I am an Optometrist from Pakistan. I need assistance too. Could you please inform me that have you found a place for your period of adaptation? And did you apply for general employment permit? Kindly guide me.


I  my self jsmurty  from india. I need assistance too.

Hello everyone,

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I did a little research and this is what I found online about the period of adaptation > … l-2021.pdf read page no 10.

I hope that someone who did it will be able to help both of you.

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Cheryl team

@Cheryl thank you so much. I have gone through the application for recognition to CORU. Basically, i am looking for visa information to complete period of adaptation.


@sidra Shaheen Hello, please let me know if you get means of getting Visa for period of adaptation. I am doing CORU procedure but got stocked due to period of adaptation.


@ndyuba80 Hello Charles,

Please let me know if you were able to conclude your CORU period of adaptation for optometrists. I am at that stage at this moment but have no information on how to achieve that. Please I will appreciate a response from you.


@daaneenwa Hi. Could you please tell me that have you got decision from CORU for your application? I didn't get your query but what I understood is you were asking about getting visa for POA. Basically, i am from Pakistan and I have been told that if CORU tells me to do POA then for non-Europeans there's no visa to complete POA in Ireland. Registered optometrists can move under general employment permit but not for POA because for general employment permit they need labour test and employers do not advertise for POA. if you are European then it won't be problem for you.

@daaneenwa I did much search on it. I have contacted many optometry organizations in Ireland and they gave me the same answer. Therefore, I am holding my application. I have been told that if you can't do POA tgen you have option of aptitude test but that test is only passed by a little percentage since it is really tough.

@daaneenwa Till now I am getting the same answer, haven't sorted out any way, unfortunately.

@sidra Shaheen Thank you so much for this insight. I am really stocked now. Anyway, I have appealed the decision since 6months ago but yet to get a response from appealed section.

@daaneenwa you are most welcome. Could you please tell me that have you filed appeal against decision of period of adaptation? Which country you belong to?

@daaneenwa also do let me know what decision you receive for your appeal so I can also get help from that.


@daaneenwa dear daaneenwa, i am from India i have applied for visa for Ireland purpose is period of adaptation but embassy won't give visa for POA.

This is a very great challenge. Thank you for responding to me. Please let me know if you hear about any change.


@Anu Gowda Hello Anu, i was facing the same problem that there's no visa for non-European for POA and i am stuck. Kindly, do let me know if you find any way fir this. Could you please tell me for how long coru has suggested you to do POA and what embassy said?

@sidra Shaheen hi..! I'm also looking for a POA in physiotherapy can you help me how to find PoA placement in Ireland?

To search about POA you have to search physiotherapy colleges, there you will get mail IDs   mail them and enquire about POA, they will provide you physiotherapy departmental mail id. Mail to as much as Universities physiotherapy departments. This is how i got mail id for my POA.

All the best

@sidra Shaheen hi Sidra, Ireland embassy could not give visa for POA. So they gave me the option of aptitude test. I agreed for that. You mail ireland embassy and enquiry.

You will get mail id in this website

Please change the country use your country name instead of Nigeria.

At the top there will be a Irish embassy consulate go to that option then select your country.

You will get contact details their.

All the best.

@Ijaz Ali75 i am not sure about physiotherapy, i contacted specsavers for my field. However, you can find physiotherapists at LinkedIn platform and ask guidance from them. Also, you will contact employers.

@Anu Gowda thank you so much for responding. Could you please tell me when is your aptitute test and is this for optometry?

And how much did it cost you for all this process for aptitude test? Do update me after your aptitude test so i also go for this option.

@Anu Gowda i couldn't find the link. Kindly guide

@Anu Gowda i couldn't find the link. Kindly guide
-@sidra Shaheen

Hi and welcome to the Forum.

The link is now visible, it's a restriction the Forum places on all new members to protect other members from online fraud/scams (basically, we check the link out, then if all looks OK, it becomes visible.

I hope this helps.


Expat Team

@sidra Shaheen hi Sidra, i am sorry for that the link you could not open i think there is some restrictions from and i am not optometrist. If you tell your country name i will try to get contact details of embassy. My aptitude test is on 13 of February. This might be diffrent for different courses

@daaneenwa do u get information about this,?

Some people suggest that you use a student visa to do POA while studying for whatever master's program you chose.

My concern now is to connect with anyone who has succeeded in doing the POA through this process, so he can help put me through.

Please anyone?

Hi All,

My name is Charles. I'm a newbie in this forum. I'm an optometrist qualified from Nigeria.

I'm searching for a place and a supervisor where I can do a 9month Period of Adaptation to enable me become a CORU registered optometrist.

I would be grateful if I can get an assistance.

Thanks all.

Best regards,


Are you in Ireland ?, I'm Nigeria too and have been asked to do POA for 7months. Please let's connect.

@sidra Shaheen please did you appeal?

@sidra Shaheen please did you appeal?

@Anu Gowda please I want to get more information regarding this POA, how do I contact you directly?

@johnejekwu did you finally get a reply regarding your question?

@johnejekwu  Hi John. I am an optometrist practicing in Nigeria. CORU also gave me Period of Adaptation as their decision on April. Can we connect?

@olivianwankpa I'm ewuradjoa from Ghana. Could you share with me any positive response you get concerning  the POA placement from CORU.

@johnejekwu Hello I'm also looking for someone who can assist with the POA. Can we connect?

@Ewuraadjoa hi am also optometrist in Ghana. I have been asked to do adaptation or aptitude test . Can we connect?

@johnejekwu were you asked to register before the recognition letter came?

@VIM115 Hello can you please let me know, have you received your final decision from CORU recognition. And does CORU informed you to start registration process before getting official decision?

Hope you will respond it will very helpful



Yes l was ask to start registration while waiting for their final decision which l did. Their final decision finally came with POA and it becomes difficult to secure visa for that. I wrote to them explaining the difficulty of getting visa for the POA process but they had no solution to that.

@hook2God thank you very much for your response, can I ask some queries please.

Did you find POA place

How should we get POA place

Is CORU given any alternative solutions for visa

Which country you done your primary qualification and how many years have you got experience

What type of POA they asked to do

After completing application how long it will take to get final Decision from CORU

Please can you let me know your valuable information it will definitely helpful



@Shravanss746 Hello yes .I was told  to start registration while awaiting for decision. It was optional though . I started the registration . Thus , I submitted all the necessary documents required for registration and went through Garda vetting but 3 months later my decision came stating that I undergo Period of Adaptation or take an aptitude test. To make it clear , my registration is currently on hold since my qualification was not recognised outright. Thus, unless I complete period of adaptaion or take the aptitude test in ireland and pass then I could serve the registration board a copy of the recognition or accreditation letter for them to add my name to the register.