CORU Period of Adaptation

Hi All,

My name is Charles. I'm a newbie in this forum. I'm an optometrist qualified from Nigeria.

I'm searching for a place and a supervisor where I can do a 9month Period of Adaptation to enable me become a CORU registered optometrist.

I would be grateful if I can get an assistance.

Thanks all.

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@ndyuba80 Hi. I am an Optometrist from Pakistan. I need assistance too. Could you please inform me that have you found a place for your period of adaptation? And did you apply for general employment permit? Kindly guide me.


I  my self jsmurty  from india. I need assistance too.

Hello everyone,

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I did a little research and this is what I found online about the period of adaptation > … l-2021.pdf read page no 10.

I hope that someone who did it will be able to help both of you.

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Cheryl team

@Cheryl thank you so much. I have gone through the application for recognition to CORU. Basically, i am looking for visa information to complete period of adaptation.