Job change on Stamp1 - CSE permit in Ireland after 12months?


I need help regarding two queries.

1) I have spent 12 months + with my first employer on CSE permit and Stamp1. Can I move to another employer staying on Stamp1 if new employer provides me a CSE permit?

2) If yes, and if I join a new employer with their CSE permit, will my road to stamp4 21 months get resetted? Like I have 8 months for complete 21 months on stamp1 and will file Stamp4, so if there is no gap when I change job and permit, my previous 13 months would be counted as well and I can just do 9 more months with new employer on Stamp1 and move to Stamp4? Or I need to redo complete 21 months again with new employer if I change job and they issue a new permit to me?

Please advise.


Hi and welcome to the Forum.

In response to this and the other post you have made asking the same question; according to the Irish Citizen's Information website (link), you can change jobs after 12 months on a Stamp 1 permit.

I don't know how or where you do this, my advice is to speak to the Irish Citizen's Information, or the Irish Government's Employment Permits Section, contact details for both are in the link I've given you.

I shall delete your duplicate post.

I hope this helps.


Expat Team