Finding a job in Ireland from abroad

Finding work in Ireland from abroad
Updated 2020-01-21 14:18

If you are looking for a job in Ireland and you are living abroad, then you will have plenty of opportunities to choose from. Employment levels are near all-time highs, and there is always room in the job market for those from outside of Ireland. While there may be some restrictions in place for those people that are not living in an European Economic Area (EEA) country, there are still opportunities to be availed of.

Can you get a job in Ireland from abroad?

The quick answer is yes, but there are different circumstances and criteria depending on the situation at hand. Those who are EEA citizens and from Switzerland can work in Ireland as they please. There are not any restrictions in place as to what type of job they do, how much they earn, or how long they stay.

The search process for a job in Ireland, if you are in one of these countries, will be to look at job boards and sites, as well as seeing if your current employer has an office in Ireland. You can also use the likes of recruitment agencies.

For those who are not citizens of an EEA country, there will be a requirement to get permission to work in Ireland. Certain types of employment are on offer, and there are minimum salaries that you need to reach in order to obtain permission. Once these criteria have been met, you can apply for jobs. If you receive a job offer, you can then look at starting the application process for a work permit.

Where to look for a job in Ireland?

The most efficient way to look for a job in Ireland is to try out some of the most popular job advertising websites like,, etc. You can also get in touch with some of the leading recruitment agencies such as Hays Recruitment, McKinsey, etc. There are also local job boards, and word of mouth is another good way to find out about job vacancies. If you currently work for a multinational company you can enquire to see if they have a position for you in their Irish office.

The job application process in Ireland

When you are looking for jobs in Ireland, you will need to have an up to date CV or resume. This needs to be properly formatted and contain vital info such as your full name, contact info, history of employment, your qualifications and some of your relevant interests. Some people will tailor their approach to each job by writing a unique cover letter to go along with their CV. Find more information in our article "Working in Ireland".

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