Working & Living in Ireland - From South Africa

Hi There

Can anyone give us some advice on the best possible way to look for employment in Ireland?

Is it better to move over and seek employment or is it better to go over on vacation and pop in at a few companies/agencies with our Resume?

I have tried to research but there are so many conflicting stories.

My husband is in Occupational Health & Safety and wondered if there was a call for that?

I look forward to hearing from someone who can assist :)

Have a brilliant day!


You could give it a go. Get over to dublin, check out the jobs online and/or pop into companies that would be interested and take it from there. At least you will get first hand knowledge of how the system works and you could get a fair idea what can work and what can't. It does not seem to be clear for most people from outside the eu as to how to relocate to ireland. If you have the money to set yourself up for under 3 months then do it and find out the facts for yourself. You will only be able to stay on a holiday visa for 3 months. If you are caught here exceeding that time frame you could get into trouble for future visits.


Thank you!

We will be going over during April for 2 weeks. We will pop in at companies and chat to a few recruitment companies as well and take it from there.

We would rather try that and see if we get any bites and then make the move on a work permit.

Appreciate the feedback :)

@DEONMAMBA Hello there.

Did you manage to successfully live and work in Ireland?

Hi there

no, still in South Africa

@oliviabarends hi there

no still living in South Africa,

@oliviabarends Yes I like work in Ireland

How I come Ireland.

@oliviabarends Yes I like work in Ireland
How I come Ireland.
-@nadeem ahmed88

You need to find an employer willing to employ you, then you need a visa.