Accommodation in Dublin

Accommodation in Dublin
Updated on 08 July, 2019

Dublin is a city that is on the rise, and it is one of the premier destinations for expats in Europe. Approximately a third of the entire population in Ireland lives in the city, and there are top quality facilities located in and around the city as a result. There is a high demand for housing in the city, which means that rent prices are on the rise, which this article will explain to you in further detail.

What type of accommodation is on offer?

There are many different types of accommodation you can choose from in Dublin. You have access to small studio apartments, single-bedroom and multi-bedroom apartments, all of the way up to detached houses if you wish. Generally, when you get nearer to the centre of the city, you will get less bang for your buck.

In the suburbs, you will be likelier to find a multi-bedroom house where you have a garden, and neighbours which are semi-attached to your house. You can choose from older properties from the Victorian era all of the way up to ultra modern apartment complexes.

If you are looking to rent for the short term, there are many options for serviced apartments, AirBnBs and hostels.

Flatsharing is widespread in the city for those trying to afford the rent and is particularly popular for students and young professionals. Most of the time, the lease will be for at least six months, and a lot of options will already be furnished.

The most popular neighbourhoods

Generally, accommodation in Dublin will be differentiated depending on whether it is on the north or south side of the River Liffey. Traditionally, the southside was seen as being safer and somewhat nicer than North of the river. However, this has been changing in recent years, and it is well worth considering certain areas in the northside.

The area in which you rent mainly depends on your budget and the type of rental you are looking for.

Ballsbridge is a mostly residential area and is close to the centre of the city.

Merrion and Fitzwilliam Squares are located in the heart of Dublin, not far from Trinity College. There are many old Georgian townhouses in the area.

Smithfield is an area that was previously full of industries, being located near the Guinness factory and the old Jameson distillery. In recent years, it has become gentrified.

Suburb areas of Blackrock, Glenageary and Dundrum are famous for semi-detached houses which are shared among flatmates.

Up and coming areas include the likes of Stoneybatter, Ranelagh and Ringsend, all of which are very accessible to the city.

Rent prices in Dublin

Dublin is one of the priciest cities in Europe to live in. There is excess demand for rental space, which causes upward pressure on price levels. In terms of the average rental price for a property in Dublin, you will be looking at the range of â¬2,000 per month. The price will be dependent on the areas, as well as its proximity to public transport stations.

Best way to find rental accommodation

There are dedicated sites for finding rental accommodation in Dublin. A quick Google search will through up a variety of options. Those looking for house sharing situations will often post on Dublin rental Facebook groups and even in newspaper ads.

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