Moving to Dublin to find a job!

Hi there!

I'm a guy from Rome, Italy and I'm 24. I graduated in Management and I have almost one year of experience in Consulting. Actually I don't like that much my job and I would like to live abroad.
I'm seriously thinking to move to Dublin to find a job within months.

my question is:
1) is it possible in this moment of crisis to find a job in Dublin?

Hi alessiol87,

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I hope other members will be able to advise you.

You could try to post an ad in the jobs in Dublin section.

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It can be difficult to find a job if you haven't defined your application targets. This will be time consuming but will pay off if you persevere. Apply directly to companies in Dublin. Avoid all recruitment agencies because they often make "shill advertisements".

well I want to find a job in the financial services industry as an analyst basically... but I'm open to opportunities..
by the way I'm thinking of moving because several recruitment agencies told me that you must live in Dublin in order to do the interview process..

PS thanks for the reply ;))

The financial services industry sounds good. If you know the companies, ask them for an application form or apply on their website. I avoid recruitment companies because they were exposed in 2009 advertising fake jobs to attract as many resumés as possible.