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Published last year

Discovering your new home's culinary heritage is an essential part of your move abroad, whether you're a foodie or just curious. Even though most cuisines have now gone international thanks to restaurants opening everywhere, there's nothing better than tasting authentic cuisine on the spot. To give you a foretaste, Expat.com has compiled a list of 10 must-try dishes around the world.

Paella – Spain


One of the most popular dishes in Spain, paella finds its origins in Valencia. Made from round grain rice and saffron threads, paella usually comprises seafood such as shrimps, mussels, lobster, cuttlefish, as well as herbs, cooked in a pan.

Mussels and fries – Belgium


You have probably eaten mussels at least once in your life, but have you ever tried mussels and fries? Mussels and fries are as popular in Belgium as are burgers and fries in the USA. The mussels are steamed and sprinkled with some curry powder for a better flavour.

Goulash – Hungary


If you're moving to Hungary, you should definitely try the goulash which is also quite popular in Central Europe. Goulash is originally a peasant soup comprising ingredients such as meat, tomatoes, pepper, onions, and paprika to which it attributes its red colour. Have you ever heard about the goulash festival which is held is September in Szolnok? Try not to miss it!

B'stilla (Pastilla) – Morocco


A favourite traditional dish in Maghreb countries, B'stilla, or pastilla finds its origins in Andalusia. Pastilla is a slightly sweet pie made of pigeon and garnished with sugar, butter, and cinnamon. In some areas, the pigeon can be replaced by chicken, quail, or even fish. Pastilla is usually served as an appetiser in Morocco.

Poutine – Canada


Have you ever imagined eating fries with cheddar cheese and brown sauce? If not, the poutine is definitely a must-try! Created in late 1950, poutine is one of Quebec's top dishes consisting of simply french fries and cheese curds topped with a brownish gravy. The gravy is made of chicken broth and flour. If you happen to like poutine, you can taste it in various forms during festivals held in major Canadian cities.

Tacos – Mexico


Even though you can now find these all around the world, tacos are definitely one of the must-tries of the Mexican cuisine. Tacos are fresh rolled-on hand-made tortillas stuffed with pieces of grilled beef meat and covered with guacamole, onions, salsa and coriander. You can have tacos for breakfast, lunch or dinner – or at any time you want. The best part of tacos is that you don't even need a fork or a knife to eat them.

Hummus – Middle East


One of the typical specialities of the Middle East, hummus needs no introduction. Made from chickpeas, lemon juice, garlic, and tahini, hummus can be served with bread, meat, vegetables, and even cakes! Even though its origins are still unknown, hummus is very popular in Turkey, Lebanon, and Egypt.

Kebab – Turkey


In many countries, sandwiches stuffed with grilled chicken or meat and often with some salad is referred to as a kebab. In Turkey, kebab is a variety of grilled meat served with a skewer. Shish kebab, doner, and orman kebab are with no doubt the most popular types of kebab in the country.

Pho – Vietnam


For those who like broth, Vietnam is the place to be in Asia. Pho, pronounced as “fuh”, finds its origins in the North of Vietnam. It's a savoury national dish made with fresh rice noodles, chicken or beef meat, herbs, chopped onions and green soybeans. You can have pho for breakfast, lunch, dinner or whenever you like.

Massala dosa – India

massala dosa

If you like pancakes, you yet have to see and taste the best of them! Imagine soaking a crispy pancake in a coconut chutney or lentils and tomato sauce with other delicious condiments. Originally from the South of India, the masala dosa is made from rice, lentils, potatoes, curry leaves and fenugreek seeds. Ingredients used can vary from one region to another.