PMLA (pre marriage long term assessment)

Hi guys

me and my singaporean fiancé is planning to get married by this year.
i would like to ask, is it better if we do a PMLA before marriage or should i apply for long term visit pass after marriage? or after marriage should we just straight away apply for PR.

btw im an spass holder with a salary of 3.5k and my fiancé salary is around 2.5k, I have seen a lot of posts that if you get ltvp you might unable to work. unless both couples are married for 3years then can work by holding an ltvp+.

im not familiar in this kind of pass. i also dont want to affect my current job.

thanks in advance 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻 anyone can help me

PMLA is not a visa, just a check (before marrying) of whether you could get an LTVP after the wedding. It does not increase your approval chances, but can shorten the LTVP application process.
LPVP (and LTVP+, the two are almost the same now) does not allow work. For that, you'd need an additional LoC, applying for which takes time and involves risk of rejection.
You will also not become PR right after marrying - unless you are already eligible now.
But all this is unnecessary, as  you can just continue to stay in Singapore with your current S-Pass!