renewing a Visa ... in France

I have a question...
I'm from the US and have a longterm 1 year visa for France.
I was wondering before it expires can I renew the visa for extended-stay or another type of visa while I'm in France... or do I have to return to the US?

Thank  you!

If it's a "vls-ts" long term visa that allows you to work, health insurance etc 2months before it expires you have to renew it through the prefecture of the town where you live
They gonna ask you to send several documents, you can find the list of the documents on your prefecture website and also the form to apply for a new visa
Once you've sent it all to the prefecture, they will send you a "récepissé" it's a paper that you can use til you get your new visa

Hi Clemntine,

Thanks for your response! I’m in Bordeaux now looking to find a nice real estate broker to help me locate a long term unfurnished apartment or a house in the suburbs. Any help is much appreciated.


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