Travelling with Récépissé de Demande de Carte de Séjour

I arrived in France in early 2019 on VLS/TS Type D Visa (valid for 1 year). Then I also got the sticker from OFII. My visa is going to expire in Mid October 2019, so I applied for the renewal at the local prefecture. They provided me a document which says:

Récépissé de Demande de Carte de Séjour

Prefecture, Name and other details

A Demande le renouvellement de son Titre de Sejour Dont la validite expire le xx/xx/xxxx

Ce recepisse n'est valable qu'accompagne de de titre (Visa de long sejour valant T.S.) N. xxxxxxxxxx

Il autorise son titulaire a travailler.

This récépissé will expire in 6 months. But I have to travel to India from 1 October to 31 October. During this period my Type D visa will expire. Can I come back to France by showing my VLS/TS Type D Visa (expired) + OFII Sticker + mentioned Récépissé?

You can travel with your expired Titre de séjour plus your récépissé - this is exactly the rule my préfecture told me. As long as your récépissé is not expired.

Your visa plus OFII sticker is your titre de séjour

i had the same experience as you. My brother passed away in Indonesia not long ago at the time i was waiting for my carte de sejour, i had been waiting for 6 month for this carte, so i went to the prefecture and explained my situation that this is a family loss case etc, and is it possible to have it quicker or is it possible to travel with this recepisse.
Their answer was : of course i can travel and exit Schengen area BUT i will have to apply for a normal tourist visa at the French embassy in Indonesia if i want to re-enter i had to mourn all by myself here.
I suggest you ask your prefecture to be clear, because it appears that there are different regulation for each nationality.

Good luck.