Looking for a fellow Filipina who is married to a French man

Hi! I wanted to talk to a Filipina here who is married to a French man. I would like to know your experiences in fixing documents for marriage and visa. The love of my life will be coming back to the Philippines by quarter 4 this year and we are getting married. I searched for a step by step instruction, but i still wanted to know what you experienced and how long it would take for the visa to be released so we could manage our expectations and also know how much money we should save for the processing of papers.

I hope somebody here would help me :)

Thank you very much!


same case here, I tried visit visa last month but rejected.

Hi Kaye,

Just saw your post. I am married to a French citizen. Do you plan to get married in the Philippines or in France 'cause they have very different requirements. In my case, we got married in the Philippines. Just like you, we have no idea what to do or how to get around it. I suggest setting an appointment at the French embassy in Makati and ask all your questions there. They don't usually answer questions over the phone. If you wish to visit your boyfriend in France, maybe you can ask him to provide you an "attestation d'accueil". This document is different from the invitation letter that the embassy requires when applying for a tourist visa. This document could be obtained at the mayor's office (where he lives/reside). Good luck! Hope it helps.


Thank you for the reply. We are planning to get married here in the Philippines. Once he comes back here, we will go visit the embassy to ask all of the questions necessary for the wedding. For now, we don’t have any idea for me migrating with him to France, but we both know the documents to get married..

Are you with your husband in France already? How long did it take for the documents to be released?

Hi again,

Yes we are living together in France. We got married in August 2014 and I was able to join him in June 2015. It took almost a year because of the processing of the marriage certificate in the Philippines. If I remember it right, as soon as I got my marriage certificate ready, it took me a month to receive my visa vie privée et familiale (first carte de sejour).

May I know which documents are you pertaining to, to be released? Do you mean, before or after the marriage? Let me know if you have more questions.


Hi Kaye,

I just want to know, were you able to get married and have your visa already? cause have same concern here, got married with french last month, nov. and just waiting for PSA copy of marriage certificate. They said once i send the papers in embassy wait for 3 months for visa.
Please share me about the process. Thank you

Hi! Not yet. Our interview at the embassy will be on January. Our target date for the wedding is on July. As of now, I don't have an answer yet for your query 😔 Kindly send me a private message so I could share with you our experience once we have fixed everything even after the wedding. But based on your query, you might be the first to migrate than me 😅

Hi. Join the group FRENCH FILIPINA FORUM on FB. Lots of pinays there helping each other on questions like yours.

thanks po :)

Hi everyone,

Just for a change, I'm a filipino guy who is planning to get married to a french woman.

For jentle15, is the FB page allows only pinays? how about meeeee??? maybe not common scenario of a filipino man marrying a french woman. Mostly pinay to french man.

I just want to ask, do you guys never consider getting married in France instead? Because this is what me and my girlfriend is planning to do though we just started sorting information this year and I don't know how complicated it will be as well. Why need to marry in Philippines? Is it easier?

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