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Many young New Zealanders seek professional work experience abroad. If you happen to be one of those trying to find a job in France, you can work in France for up to a year thanks to the French Working Holiday Visa.

Conditions of the French WHV

To be eligible for the France WHV you must: 

  • be a citizen of New Zealand that is living in the country when submitting your request;
  • be between the ages 18 and 30 years old;
  • have not benefited from the France WHV before; and
  • have a sum of at least NZD 4,104.80, or the equivalent of 2,500 euros, in order to cover your needs throughout your stay.

Your France WHV is valid for 12 months and may be obtained up to six months prior to entry in France. However, it cannot be extended.

You are allowed access to mainland France, however you may not be admitted to the French overseas territories.

How to proceed

You must apply for the France WHV at the Embassy of France in Wellington (NZD). Making an appointment is mandatory and you must to submit your application via the online booking system.

You must provide the following documentation:

  • your long stay visa application duly completed and signed;
  • a French and English version of the agreement form duly completed and signed;
  • your New Zealand passport valid for three months from the visa's expiration date;
  • one recent passport photo;
  • evidence of financial resources or proof of funds (recent bank statement);
  • a cover letter in French and in English describing the purpose of your application;
  • a proof of address in New Zealand;
  • one-year of health insurance cover starting from the date of your arrival in France;
  • proof of your travel itinerary; and
  • a processing  fee of 99 euros (about NZD 162.5) to be paid in cash.

You may obtain your working holiday visa on the day of your appointment with the Embassy of France in Wellington.


All appointments must be made at least three months prior to departure.

You will have to apply for a temporary work permit at the local Labour Department. The temporary permit may be renewed, but only up to the limit of the authorised length of stay (12 months).

 Useful addresses:

Embassy of France in Wellington :

Physical Address:
Levels 12 and 13
Sovereign House
34-42 Manners Street
Wellington 6142

Postal Address:
PO Box 11-343

 Useful link:

Embassy of France in Wellington – Working Holiday Visa

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