APS Masters Student Visa Extension Instructions
Updated 7 years ago

Masters Student Visa Extension –

'Autorisation Provisoire de Sejour' (APS)

I had quite a difficult time receiving this common visa extension for Masters students living in France, and looking to extend their visa by 6 months. Here is a summary of what is needed to do, to help others avoid going to the Prefecture day after day (it took me 11 visits!)

4 months before the expiration of your visa:

1) Submit a letter (in French) to the Prefecture where you will be living 4 months later. This letter should be dated, signed, and state why you wish to remain in France for addition additional time (looking for a job is usually the response I believe they are looking for).

Ideally you should ask the person you see for a receipt that you have submitted these documents, so that later you will have proof of the date and location, and that you actually did submit the application.

You may need to go online to get an appointment time. (It is very important to submit your application where you will be living! I submitted my application in Cergy where my school, ESSEC, is located, but wished to pick up my APS in Paris, where I ended up living. This made my experience much more difficult!)

2) Include copies of your passport ' page with your picture and passport number, and the page with your OFII.

3) Attestation from your school (signed and stamped) that you are graduated by the date you will pick up the APS. (This was another problem we encountered, as our letter stated we would graduate in September, yet we needed to have our visa extension by August.)

Paris Prefecture location: just a couple blocks from the Port de Clingancourt metro station.

-Keep a copy of all of the documents submitted for your record. Keep this with the receipt of turning in the application. It would be very useful when trying to retrieve the APS.

When Picking up your APS:

It is best to arrive at the prefecture at 8:30am with all of your documents:

-Copy of your application you submitted
-Copy of proof of insurance for the apartment you rent (very important apparently!)
-Copy of EDF bill (may not be needed, but they asked me for it)
-Copy of phone bill (not always needed, but they did ask me for it)
-Proof of housing (signed contract)
-Portrait images, 2 (you might bring the whole 6 from the photomaton just in case)

Then, if you have all the correct paperwork, you should be approved to move to the next stage where you will wait to see someone. By this point it is fairly simple, and that person will give you a paper to sign, and then give you a piece of paper with your photo glued to it, with a stamp on it. This you can keep with your passport to verify your legal status to remain in France.

I hope this can be helpful to others and help avoid spending long days waiting around at the Prefectures!

We do our best to provide accurate and up to date information. However, if you have noticed any inaccuracies in this article, please let us know in the comments section below.