British Citizen marrying fiancé in Morocco - Paperwork query

@london185 Hello, can you please provide me with the contact details of the person who sells british embassy appointments. Thanks

@Mahmood M.Douglas

please be aware of the scammers. Appointments to the British embassy or consulate are NOT provided by third parties in Morocco. Appointments are made directly via the embassy's websites.

@Mahmood M.Douglas … service=20


The issue is its hard to find appointments, if you go have a look now, its all unavailable, i  was looking for a few months, until my wife

found someone that makes the appointment for some money, otherwise  will take a while to find a appointment   

@idouarab2712 appointments are usually released 4 weeks in advance. however, i recently checked and found that some appointments had been released 6 weeks in advance. you will need to check daily and the best time to check is early morning. i believe (correct me if i am wrong) there are only about 2-3 appointments per day. they do go very quickly, so you will need check regularly and be quick to snap it up. some last minute cancellations may also come up.

@Mahmood M.Douglas there is no such thing anymore. Once appointments are reserved they are linked to your passport.

People can't make appointments then sell them on and change the passport details they used originally to reserve that appointment. If anyone advises you that they can it's a scam.