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I am moving to Belgium in December and I am a passionate baker of cakes and cookies, and cake deco as well. I would like to know where I can find a wholesale shop for baking ingredients and cake deco items. During my last visit to Belgium I noticed that the supermarkets had very limited items. I tried looking for baking supplier online but in vain :(
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There is a shop called Aveve - they have quite a lot of baking products. I love baking and they always have everything I need. I'm not sure where in Belgium you will be living but there is a special baking shop in Herentals as well.

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There is a shop in Lauven that sales nice this etc. However cant help much for ingreedents

Thank You so much for the prompt replies and info. I have saved the names and will search for them when I move there end of year.
Everything will be different from Malaysia....driving on wrong side of road, language etc....I hope to be able to make some friends when I am there. :)

were abouts are you moving to and why

My husband is working in Brussels.  We will probably move to a larger apartment when I arrive, so not sure exactly where it will be....but close to Brussels I am sure.

As mentioned, Aveve is a good one. But where did you go before? 0_o For sure Delhaize has just about any ingredients your average baker needs, and I find it hard to believe that Carrefour and Colruyt wouldn't also... And places like Hema and Blokker should have anything to bake in/with that you'd need that the grocery stores don't. Heck even Lidl and Aldi should have at least a limited amount, as well as frequent items on offer.

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Melby, I bake as a profession here in the kind of ingredients i need and am used to would be normally from a bakers supplier rather than the normal supermarkets with limited items that are normally in small amounts for the price and Carrefour and 2 other supermarkets were frustrating with very limited kinds of flour as well as no advanced items. Did not try Delhaize, not sure where that is even. I was living in Diegem at that time. Nevertheless, I am sure this time I will have all the time to explore all other stores available. Thanks for the suggestions.

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I would definitely have a look at Aveve...they have a lot! Regarding the bakers suppliers, they actually often only sell to bakeries. Might be worth checking with your local bakery which supplier they use. My local bakery just goes to Macro.

Thank You Liesbethvd, the info is much appreciated.

I find Aveve to be the best of those mentioned excluding specific shops. I do not bake for a living but consider my needs above the average home baker. I make starters, poolishs, chefs, and bigas for the various loaves I bake, breads only as you can see. So far I have not cracked the Aveve system or perhaps they are different from store to store but they definitely have the largest selection at this point. This country has an infinite number of bakers/shops but their fare is limited to what the pedestrian Belgian public buys, IE, the profit line so getting a loaf of Italian foccacia or a French pain ordinaire is not that easy. At least the pain ordinaire should be anywhere near Brussels and I am in the southern area on the edge of the Ardennen region, Zottegem, so I can not speak to that. Another loaf I like to make is sourdough, if you manage to find a better outlet please share it, thanks Terry.

To the person trying to find out about baking, I have lived in belgium for 5 years, and most supermarkets selll baking products but not in the packets you would normally see,  you do sometimes have to search or ask people , the shop that the other person wrote is a gardening centre, but do have baking supplies, I have just seen this week ( new to belgium) custard powder and Robinson's marmalade  the only problem I'm having problems with is glace cherries, but  what you can't find in shops, try the local markets these are usually on once a week  ieper and izegem are good ones, also ask the locals, i found out lots of information on places to shop hope this helps anyway good luck and hope you enjoy living in belgium

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Hi, I've recently moved to Oudenaarde. Does anyone know what are the best baking ingredients in Belgium like cake flour, cocoa powder, chocolate etc. Are there specific brands that are best? Thanks

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I usually use Dr. Oetker cake natuur for vannilla cakes. You just add butter and eggs to the flour mixture.
Hope this is helpful.

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Carrefour and Spar.

Hi, I bought Aveve Surfina 960 as the lady at the shop told me it can be used for baking cakes. Has anyone usd this before for making cakes and what were the results? I'm confused because it says for white bread and fine patisserie...does that include cakes?

Fine patisserie would include cake.  It would be ideal for you to use a flour exclusively for fine patisserie if you are making a cake, but you can use this.  Sift it well before using it would be my recommendation.

Hi, does anyone know if the Domo stand mixer is any good? I don't know the brand.

Domo is excellent.  I have a Domo hand mixer that I've had for 6 years and I use it often and have had no problems.

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