Light bulbs in Europe

Are trilight light bulbs only a North American phenomenon?  Or are they available in Europe as well?

I just moved my furniture to Belgium, and now, am looking for 240 volt light bulbs for my lamps.  However, I can't seem to find the tri-light versions of bulbs (either incandecent or compact fluorescent).  Are tri-light bulbs a North American thing only?

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It seems like your looking for what is now commonly dubbed "Energy Saving"
You can always find a wide selection of bulbs in your local Gamma or Brico.

However, I would strongly recommend switching to LED bulbs the energy saving is immense and although the initial cost is high you make a saving in the long run. Im slowly switching out my incandescent bulbs as they die for LED. Just make sure you read the packaging as the "White" and "Warm White" make a big difference.

Just use candles, it's much more retro. ;)

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