Shea butter and natural products in Belgium - where to buy

Does anywhere know where there's a natural beauty supply store in Brussels or Leuven?

I would try The Body Shop. There are shops both in Brussels and Leuven.

Body Shop isn't as natural as they'd have you believe.

We use Het Natuurhuis, which is an organic store that sells all sorts of food products as well as home & "beauty" supplies. It doesn't look like they're quite in your location though, see here: But train tickets are cheap and it's not very far... I don't know of any good chains off the top of my head, sorry.

There was a home made soap store in Gent near the castle but i don't no any of Brussels or much or leuven even though I go there often. However these did soaps and a few other products I am also sure there is Lush stores in Belgium there natural and handmade

Lush Antwerpen
Lush Antwerpen
Keyserlei 2
B-2000 Antwerpen
Tel: 0032 3231 3869

Ma t/m do
10.00 - 18.00 u
Vrij en Za
10.00 -18.30u

I know there is a Lush store here, she was looking for Brussels/Leuven though.

Yeah I know i thought when I posted it there was perhaps one in Leuven but when i looked on site it only came up with antwerpen

Also you never know if u decide to visit antwerpen well im in Leuven next few weekends ill keep a look out

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