Shoe Shops that cater for those of us with larger feet.

I've done Google searches and had no luck with the anwsers.

I'm looking for shoe shops in Belgium that do larger sizes, as in a UK 14, US 15 or Euro 50

Brantano are generally quite good for bigger sizes in the UK but unfortuntely the stores which I've visited in Belgium don't seem to have these sizes available.

Does anyone have any ideas, or will I just have to keep ordering footwear online?

Try this link http:
At the bottom of the page, under the "schoenen" section.


You are a little star, thank you very much! :D

Glad to be of service. Since I am Flemish it was much easier for me to do a search on the web for "grote maten" (large sizes)...

Yeah tring to google things in Belgium in english is really hard

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