Pawn shops in Brussels?

Do you know of any pawn shops in Brussels or surroundings?

What do you need it for? I don't think I've ever seen one and my husband wasn't even sure if they're not a "thing of the past," but wiki doesn't indicate that, so he supposes they still exist, but, yeah. Can you not just use a second-hand store?

For a bike. I have not seen 2nd hand shops for that yet, and in general, have not seen any 2nd hand shops. But please let me know if you know of any?

I don't know specifics in Brussels, but on CS people have asked for around here, for bikes as well as in general, and been given a whole bunch of places. ...Wait, I'll go check in the Brussels group and see if anyone has asked in there recently...

OK, responses on there:
- THE 2handbikeshop in you'r Town!
- |
- there are the rental bikes for tourists- -stationed around the prettier parts of the city. A bike can be rented for a day, a weekend, a week or a year for a small fee.
- If a person really wants a new and inexpensive bike, the department store Carrefour sells bikes for less than 100 euros. These, however, are popular cycles to steal, so invest in a good lock.
- visit! You can buy a subscription for a year for €30, you can ride for half an hour for free, and you never have to worry about your bike getting stolen, AND if it breaks you don't have to repair it!
-The cheapest will probably be Sunday at the Zuidmarkt (but these are known to be stolen & bad quality).
- check this site about cycling in brussels:
- check the petits riens in rue americaine? They always have bikes for about 40-60 euros
- if you can, you should head to a "kringwinkel" outside brussels. kringwinkels are shops selling all kinds of old recycled stuff (clothes, furniture, books, junk, everything basically), like Les Petits Riens in Ixelles - it's always a pleasure browsing for stuff around there. The kringwinkels outside Brussels are way cheaper than Les Petits Riens, and the further you go and the smaller the town, the cheaper. I bought my old bike at the Kringwinkel in Bree, my grandparents' town near the Dutch border, and paid 17 euros for a good bike!!
- There's also a salvation army store on 28 Boulevard d'Ypres, 1000 BXL, near Yser in the centre, though they don't often have bikes.
- some websites: (kringwinkels in halle, vilvoorde, sint-genesius-rode, ...) for kringwinkels everywhere in Flanders (don't know any sites for Wallonia, sorry) for Les Petits Riens (Spullenhulp) in Ixelles
- Second hand: perfect places in brussels:
To sell and buy something:
Troc International (in Drogenbos behind Carrefour)and Meiser (Chaussée de Louvain, going out of Brussels)
Cash Converters (In Ixelles, chaussée d'Ixelles and Drogenbos, behind the Carrefour supermarket too)
To buy:
Les petits riens/Spullenhulp 101 rue américaine
l'Armée du Salut 24 Boulevard d'Ypres Brussels center

OK, I think that's about all. lol. Hope that helps!

Тhank you so very much Melby!!! I will check out the leads you posted. Very useful. The tourist bikes are only good if you go to the city center, but there I do not like to ride a bike. And those bikes are quite heavy. I was more looking for a bike that I could use on my spare time in the evening and weekends. Luckily I have a place to store it.

Welcome. =) Yeah I was just providing all the stuff they gave as responses to people asking previously, and there were always people suggesting those as good deals and whatnot, so yeah. But there's a bunch of 2nd hand stores and stuff, too. Hope you find something!

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