buying tobacco

can anyone help?

i`m travelling to charleroi in october and i`m trying to find somewhere close to hand to buy tobacco and cigarettes without having to travel to tobacco alley

any suggestions?

many thanks

I don't know what "tobacco alley" is, but, close to where?? The airport? Where you'll be staying? What? More info needed. Regardless, grocery stores sell them, as should all the "night stores," I imagine...

hi Melby

tobacco alley is over at adinkerke and brugge

i`ll be staying in charleroi and was looking for somewhere close to charleroi that sells large amounts of tobacco and cigarettes, i dare say that the grocery shops wouldn`t be able to supply me with 3kg of taobacco and 3000 cigs. or would they?

Charleroi is a city, there are tons of stores in it, it covers plenty of space, hence asking for more specifics on what it is supposed to be close to.

I don't smoke, so I really don't know about the quantities, don't pay that much attention to them. I think the packages sell a couple hundred each? I dunno. However I know that at the Sunday market here, there is at least one stall that sells huge containers of the stuff, that would certainly meet your needs. So it's definitely out there. Afraid I can't really provide better info though.

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