SPass E0000236 : No record found

Hello good people   ;)

My employer have applied my SPass on 14 July 2020

15 July 2020 : I got email from the agency to fill the RMI
16 July 2020 : Email from agency "We have submitted it to the authorised agency. We have been advised that the turnaround time is at least 15 to 20 business days and it is also dependent on the school’s verification procedure and the availability of the verifier"

04 August 2020 : I just checked my status on EPOL, but not data available (because it's already 12 working days)

Error E0000236 : No record found
Does it mean my application hasn't proceed with MoM yet?

Kindly give me explanation about this, because I'm so worried
I really appreciate for your answer and time

Thanks  :)

I also in the same position, company told me apply mid july but till now i check, no record found. GG. but according to the past few years thread on similar issue, seems pretty common. some show no record found until its approved. something is wrong with the epol site ..   if your status changed, please keep us updated! thankyou

Update :

The agency said that the authorized agencies are verifying my school and education, it takes 15-20 working days. Once they received the verification, they will proceed to submit to MoM. That's why my data is not available in EPOL yet.

Is someone have this kind of experience too?
Very glad to share here


You should ask your employer, or their agency, for your FIN number or a screenshot of the application in their system. Then log in with FIN and you will see your actual status.
If the employer cannot give you the FIN, they probably did not apply yet.

Contrary to what ydkm says above, the EPOL site is rarely faulty. In most cases posted here, it is either login problems or no application was submitted (these so-called "agencies" often screw things up!).
MoM might engage external partners to verify your credentials. This is shown as "pending input from vetting agencies" in EPOL. No verification is done before the application is entered into EPOL and visible when you login.

Can you share your details you got the pass approved or no???

Folks, I have seen previous posts about verification. Any recent data points on the number of days RMI /AVVANZ take for Indian universities to complete education verification?

Standard is 30 working days, however, it depends on how swift the universities are with responses to the agency. During the Covid peak, some took longer than the stipulated time.

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