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Hello everyone!  This is my first post and I'm going to have a lot of questions so many thanks to everyone who takes the time to read them.  Let's start with a fairly straightforward one.  My husband and I are planning to spend a year in Greece from next spring.  We are both retired and taking various prescription medications, at least some of which are not normally legal in Greece.  Can anyone tell me what happens about these please. Can we somehow continue to get our meds prescribed by our doctor in England or will we have to go through the whole diagnosis/prescription process with a new doctor in Greece, possibly having to change from the meds we are used to?

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Hi,it may be that your doctor can write out a years prescription for you in the UK before you leave.It seems strange about your medication being illegal in Greece.if its prescribed there then why not here.Bring all your notes on your medical conditions for a doctor to view,most read,speak and write English,they wont take your word for it that you have certain conditions,they need proof.Medication comes in many different brand names and as a generic,as long as the ingredients are the same.If your doctor cannot write for one year then you must visit a pathalogo here or a specialist for what ever your conditions are and pay a fee,its not too much,many meds are available over the counter but some require a doctors paper,antibiotics can only be bought with a doctors paper now,new law.You might take the opportunity to have some basic check-ups here at some of the many private clinics, which are certainly cheap,like colonoscopy and ultrasound scans,prevention is always better than cure.Dont forget that you must register yourselves here if your stay is for more than three months.You will be given a registration card,its nothing to do with UK being in or out of EU,everyone has to do it,your whereabouts must be known for safety reasons.

Some people take derivitives of Cannabis for various health problems,a friend in the UK takes for Epilepsy,they can be got here in Greece.

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Thank you for all this information, it is very useful.  I am prescribed morphine for a chronic pain condition and have now been told by my doctor that he can give me a six month supply to take.  That won't cover the whole trip, of course, but it will give me time to get used to a change if I can't get it in Greece.

Hi,just to add that it says on line that anyone carrying Opium based medication must carry with it/them all permission paper-work from doctors etc.. and authorisation stamps.Greece has a low tolerance of Opium based medication and people here find it particularly difficult to obtain it,even in dire need,pain etc..You might put it in your hold luggage but you run the risk of your bags being lost on the baggage system,this does happen because my husband works on the computer baggage system at Athens airport and he tells me sometimes..oh we lost 15 bags today,left behind on the 15 very unhappy bunnies.The UK also wants paper work,verification on any opium based drugs on outward and inward journeys.Greece particularly has a thing about Codeine so think carefully for the other six months that you will need some help with pain management.This information is on line and you will see the paper-work required.

Thank you!  So very useful. X