Vaccines required in Greece

Hello everybody,

When living or moving abroad, and in particular in Greece, vaccination against certain diseases is often required to enter the country or to avoid risks.

We would like to ask you a few questions to help future expats there.

What is your relationship to vaccines in general?

Did you get vaccinated before moving to Greece?
Were these vaccinations compulsory or recommended?

Did you refuse to get any vaccine that was recommended for Greece? If so, why?

If you are an expatriate in Greece, are you encouraged to get a COVID-19 vaccine? Do you have access to the vaccine and do you plan to get it?

Is this vaccine required for entering the country now?

Many thanks,

Diksha, team

I live in Leros. As far as I am aware, there are no vaccines available on this island. I have no issue with receiving a vaccine, mind I have to say, if might depend on which vaccine I was being offered. Yes a little snobby I know. But you know us self centred race. I am not happy about the idea of the boarders being opened up soon to Greece. Of course I understand the reason for this move, it has to happen at some time. I do not believe there is ever going to be a right time. So why not now? Keep safe. Ray xc

Funny question, the first one! I will try and answer but first, I'd like to the this opportunity and ask if any in this community have already been vaccinated against covid-19? I ask because in general expats are most likely not integrated into the Greek healthcare system which means that we don't have an AMKA number! It seems you need one of those to be notified to get vaccinated. If you don't have one like me and you've been vaccinated, would you care to tell us what procedures you followed to be called in to get it? Thanks!!!

OK!! Answering the funny question along with those that apply to me:

1. I don't have a relationship with vaccines. I don't remember the last time I had one. Generally one does not have a relationship with vaccines. You just get the ones you're supposed to get to prevent whatever illnesses they prevent you from getting. I recall getting a flu vaccine a couple of years ago. Other than that, I got all the baby vaccines when I was a baby, which was not recently....

2. No. there is no requirement to be vaccinated when traveling between Greece and the USA or other EU countries.

3.  I do not suffer from the illness of conspiracy theories so I plan to get it as soon as I can. As noted above, I am not sure how to go about this.

I had a look on line and found..US Embassy & Consulate in Greece...Health. Alert..Health Alert US Mission,January 7th 2021....Covid-19                                     The Greek Ministry of Health is working on Covid-19 vaccination guidelines for people residing in Greece who do not have an AMKA number.Once finalised the information will be uploaded on the Greek Government web page                                                                                                         The KEP office in your area will also give you up to date information on this matter.                                                My husbands age group has been called and he has two appointments booked,my age group has yet to be called however they are now to be calling all age groups who have health issues which I have so maybe soon.I had rushed last winter to have the normal flu jab and a life lasting Pneumonia one as Pneumonia and Bronchitis run in my family,I have other health issues as well.                                                We know of course that there are different types of flu around every year and the normal flu is not here this year,thats because we are hiding from each other and we wear masks,you know in Japan many people wear masks in winter to avoid flu and normally all year gargle in their throats as soon as they return home from outside.I remember one year in England there was a particularly unusual and dangerous flu around,young people were dying,I got it so bad that I thought I would die too,its actually secondary infections which cause the trouble,I had sinus,chest and throat infections,I dragged myself to the doctor and he said..oh dear,you need help..Id had two lots of different antibiotics,nothing worked,he gave me a new one and after a nights sleep of mostly coughing I woke up feeling better and to this day I remember thinking..if someone have won the would not have made me sooo happy as that morning to feel better.I won the lottery,I was feeling away from deaths door,that morning stays with me and Im grateful for every day and every day is a great day when you have your health.I put my head over a hot steamy bowel of water and inside the water I put a few drops of Oregano pure essential oil,Teatree  oil,Eucalyptus oils,keep the towel over the head and slowly take deep breaths in and out expanding the diaphragm,these rapidly decongest and help stop the build-up of mucus where bacteria love to live,that includes the sinuses as well,a saline nose/sinus rinse is a good idea as well,you can buy the bottle from the pharmacy for the nose,its cheap.So keep your eye on the government site all those who are without AMKA and you will all be sorted soon,stay safe.The essential oils can be found at the pharmacy too,buy only the best,there is a Greek make which is good.