Health Insurance in Greece

Updated 2010-09-13 05:49

One if not the most important issue someone who moves to another country need’s to acknowledge and discover a solution to, is Healthcare.

Your ability to create income is based completely on the level of health you have. Any alteration or complication to your health will make this ability go from a small discomfort to a complete disaster in a matter of what may seem as moments!!

Here in Greece you are covered by national healthcare as long as you pay taxes and belong to one of the many national healthcare organizations based on the type of employement you have.The major ones are IKA,OAEE,The Lawyers and Engineers fund and many others. Up until recently these were able to cover the issues that may have arised to those who were employed in the jobs covered by these groups. There are a few challenges one may face while trying to use this National Healthcare system. It is not uncommon for you to show up to a National Hospital and find the medical staff is on strike, or understaffed. There may not be a bed or a room to accommodate you and the lines are long in order to be seen by a physician. Even though this may not happen all the time, more than once can you read in most newspapers over the years about the major issues the National Healthcare system is facing.

This is a system not always similar to the one a new resident from a country other than Greece may be used to. You may come from the UK, Sweden, France or Germany where National Healthcare may work just fine. You may come from the USA where you are covered by individual health insurance or group health insurance to take care of your needs.

Medical insurance is not only affordable with reputable companies, but it allows you to make sure you get the health services you are accustomed to in your own home country. And depending on the health insurance coverage you choose, you could return to your home country to receive the services you are familiar with. There are many Health Insurance companies existing in Greece. Some of the important policy details one must pay attention to are, what exactly you are covered for. There are several companies who when you are speaking to an Insurance agent will tell you wonderful stories about how all of your hospital charges will be covered, when what they really mean is that your room and medicine may be covered by the health policy at full price, but the Dr's fees are most likely a different story!!!

Most policies have small print stating a particular amount that is allocated for the Dr's fees. This is very important for you to be aware of. There are some companies that truly do cover all your needs!!

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