Is the boss shold pay for my IKA?

the situation is like this.
I have a shop, I am paying  EFKA every month. but in fact, the shop has no work but I don't close it for some reason. actually, I work in another shop for summer only. so is the boss of this shop should pay for my IKA (or  tax?)
also, I heard to get the pension should pay 15 years, so my summer job only count by how many month I work?

It may be that your boss does not want to pay into IKA for you,you pay part and the employer pays part,it costs employers a  lot of moneyt,its actually illegal for them to not have you in their share of tax contributions as an employer,we know of course that if you complain you will be told not to come in tomorrow.One can only have state health care in Greece if you pay into it either as an employed person or as self employed,you must pay for every additional family member if you want them covered.Self employed contributions are shockingly high if one wants wife and one or two children added.Of course the state health care even before Covid would leave one worried should emergency surgery be required and the level of expertise,I was told that i must wait at least three months for gall bladder removal even though it was nearly ready to explode.I had cover under my husbands private health plan at his job so I ran that way fast.I only went to IKA because I was taken to a state hospital as an emergency.Im afraid that to recieve a full pension you must pay for I believe forty years because every few years the age of having a pension rises until in the not too distant future everyone will only qualify at seventy.Everyone pays a different grade of contribution each month,the higher the amount the sooner the pension,depending on ones salary.I did read recently that all new workers coming into the system in Greece as of I think 2021 or 2 will enter a system like the UK where they must pay into a private pension scheme overseen by the government,bit complicated but something like that,all rather scary I think and so worrying for people..I have been reading about the Grey Swan,Black Swan theory,make the Grey Swan whilst young so that you dont meet the Black Swan later on in life,The Black Swan is of course total unpreparedness,as boring as it all seems when we are young one must invest/plan for  later life otherwise we will all be begging at the road lights and hitting the food banks.