Private practice primary care physician

Hi. My parents currently live in Corfu and I'm looking for recommendations for good private primary care physicians on Corfu. He has a number of health issues (heart disease, kidney disease, anemia, and diabetes) and we would like to be able to communicate with a good physician in Corfu and have them correspond with his doctors in Chicago. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Hello,I would advise you to seek medical practitioners here in Athens,Corfu I am told is limited in top grade specialists,especially as there seems to be several fairly serious conditions here.In Greece people go straight to the specialists, particularly when they have been already diagnosed.Do you have private medical insurance?The very best specialists normally work in Athens.

I can recommend this very good  heart specialist/surgeon to anyone looking for such in Athens....he is Dr Yourgos Gritsopoulos 2106974000-120 or 6937603713 for the doctor himself or website:www.latriko .gr,he speaks English as most people do here.I have an orthopaedic specialist,an ear nose and throat,a general surgeon who is possibly the best in Greece for all gastric ops,I also have found  a great cosmetic surgeon who does breasts,butt,face lifts etc..I can be private messaged should anyone want further details.I also have a heart doctor that I go to every six months for an ultra sound on the heart to keep an eye on a small bulge on the main Aorta near the heart for 70 euro,he is also very good,here in Greece its affordable to go privately so as to keep a eye on small problems and hopefully prevent them becoming large problems.

Hello. I'll be in Greece in March and want to see a heart specialist.  Your info is very helpful. I have my Greek citizenship through my father, however, I've never initiated any of the EU benefits for healthcare. 
I'm in California and was considering contacting someone in the consulate office to inquire about seeking care, making appointments etc while I'm there.
Any info you can offer would be very appreciated.

Hello Glika,to tell you that you cannot receive Greek state health care unless you are paying into the system via employment and these days the amount is very large every month and even bigger if you are self employed and you put your life at risk in state hospitals.To have consultations here with private specialists is easy doable,its surgery that costs but even that is cheaper than most other countries.I had one bunion done two years ago and two weeks ago the other in a great small private hospital in Athens,my surgeon does private work there as he says its a great organised great staff team effort there and he told me that at weekends they bring in a gang of workers to clean the operating rooms and during my op my foot was washed down with masses of Betadine five times,I saw it because I had only an epidural,you dont want to die from a bacteria you caught do you.Im probably the only person who will help you here in Athens,you must come with all your history,scans,MRI etc..if the doctor needs more they are not so expensive here,doable.So contact me if you need help on your quest,I have seen many specialists for many health problems here including a..Halo 90.. treatment for Barretts Osophegus(spelling)it takes the top layers of the affected area away by a kind of toaster,gets rid of the terrible condition which is actually pre cancerous,and the shame of it is that people dont know that it is available,I believe its there in a few British state hospitals but here in Greece the state hospital will not pay for that so I had to find 5000 euro but that took away the terrible fear of it turning to cancer and so it was 5000 well spent privately.Please do ask if you need any more information.

And just to add a little more information on state health care in Greece,even if you are from ten generations of Greeks and have all always lived in Greece as residents that does not entitle you to state health care,only if you yourself are paying in,and you can include immediate family,wife,husband, kids but you must pay in for each of those and its taken at source from your wages by your employer or if self employed you arrange payments.In this Greek melt down thousands of people lost jobs,their companies etc.. and were denied health care even cancer treatment and subsequently died.When the melt down was about in its eighth year the government under pressure relented and said unemployed can have medical care..too late for many..there is a clinic staffed by volunteers and doctors who will see poor, unemployed,migrants, anyone  without money and uninsured for free and give medication,baby milk,nappies etc..its down in the center somewhere,see on line.They dont take donations of money but ask for the above mentioned.And dont forget that state hospital means you must have friends,family to help you because nurses have always been thin on the ground but now with under funding you must search the building for one,I was left 20 years ago so long on a bed pan that my buttocks were black from the pressure bruising...but there is nowhere that great,however if you are a resident citizen elsewhere you are normally entitled to state health care I think.But perhaps Im wrong..united States..

On the medical subject..just to say that there is a free medical clinic..its Athens Medical Association together with the Greek Orthodox church of Apostoli charity.There are 70 doctors in different fields who give their time free,so anyone who cannot afford medical care can be go there and find help without money,thats a miracle for so many people in these desperate times.