Looking to move to Antikythera

Hi good day. My name is Nicholas Karim, I am 31 years of age. I currently live in Trinidad. I am interested in moving to Antikythera. I saw a post on facebook stating that the Greece government is looking for people to move there and would be giving housing and a monthly allowance for three years. I would like to find out more about the offer and find out how I can apply.

thank you for your time.

Go on line,tap in with your main question and an article comes up with much information and they also talk of a utube site to visit for more information,its all there for you,its in conjunction with the Greek church so best probably to say you are devout,itsopens doors and the greek church is rather lovely,they look mostly for greeks but are taking others as well,good luck

@concertina thank you very much

@NoobSonic Gaming I believe there is another island that they want to populate as well,fairly near the Turkish coast,maybe more,do some research,you may come up with other options,go to Greek church sites as well.

They're looking for young Greeks with families and a trade which they can ply on a small island.  Foreigners need to have the correct visas before they can even take up residence there; there are basically no facilities on the island, even water has to be shipped in.  The idea is to repopulate the place with younger working people.  You can gauge for yourself how your desire to be paid to live there will fit with the objectives of the scheme...