Hi there, does anyone know if an Amazon Fire Stick will work in Greece. I am in Corfu.
Thank you

Hi. Have same question about Apple TV.  Ty

Amazon Fire TV Stick Basic Edition works with available Prime Video content in Greece. Amazon Fire TV and Fire TV Stick only work in Austria, Germany, and UK according to their web site.

John, so pleased to spot your reply to barbara1961's question. When you say Amazon Fire Stick 'Basic Edition' are you referring to the 'Manual Remote' as opposed to the Voice Activated Remote? I'm not too familiar with what else is available.

I have a manual version in the UK and want to bring it back home to Greece with me to give my son.

1) Do you expect it will work well there?

2) Can you tell me if YouTube Sites are as plentiful in Greece as they are in the UK?

3) Can Amazon Firesticks be purchased in Greece? If so, where?

I would be so grateful if you could help me out here.




Provided you have a good internet connection, certainly in excess of 2.5mbps it will be OK. However Amazon UK restricted programmes will only be available if you use a VPN.
Best to load your stick with a bit of alternative software like MOBDRO to get all UK TV etc.

Hello The Grocer, thank you so much for your information and advice. It is a great help and much appreciated.
Regards Sapphira60

Yes, if you have a decent internet connection but it will not receive UK based data without VPN.
Load it with app like MOBDRO and you will get all UK TV plus a lot more....

yes it will work, but you may need to hide your ip address with either a VPN

Did your Fire stick work in Greece. I want to give one to my cousin in Athens


Yes no problem

Will an Amazon Firestick work bought in India work in Greece, Chile & South Africa

My daughter used a Firestick in Europe; there are VPN apps you can download to the stick.

We were looking at the Fire stick, but opted for the Fire cube as it also acts as an Alexa device - we have automated our Greek home.  The Fire cube is great, we have a Nord VPN subscription and there is a downloadable app for it on the Cube which you then connect to the UK server.  It has Netflix, Prime and I think I had BBC IPlayer already installed.  If not all the UK channels (ITV X, BBC, Channel 4 etc) and things like Disney+ can easily be installed from the App Store

Will the 4g firestick work with vpn in Greece or only the basic edition.

Our 4g Firestick worked fine with a VPN so my grandson could watch CBBC while we were on holiday in the Netherlands this year; we never tried it in Greece.

Does anyone use the fire TV stick with channel hopper?

If you go to the Channel Hopper website, you'll see at least two positive comments from users in Greece.

Whether it works or not has more to do with the bandwidth limits of your local internet connection (see your ISP or 3G/4G provider).

Otherwise, the good old satellite dish method works fine without internet...