Greece, Crete 

Hello all,

My name is Vasso and I am married with two kids and we live in Canada 🇨🇦

The last time we visited Greece was back in 1999 on our honeymoon and we loved the beaches & the delicious food.

I am Greek and my husband is Italian. We were both born in Canada 🇨🇦

My husband will be retiring in the next 3 years and he proposed to me to maybe retire in Greece 🇬🇷

We were supposed to go to Greece in 2020 during the summer but Covid hit. I assume Greece have changed a lot since 1999.

My husband would like to go to Crete and check out their properties etc….We both like to be semi-close to the city of Herklion.

Which parts of Crete do you like or prefer to live ?

Do you prefer to live in the mountains of Chania? Away from the city? Isolated?

What about their garbage /rubbish system in Greece?

If I lived in a house or in a Villa in the mountains does the Garbage Truck man pick up our trash by the streets like they do in US or Canada?

What about our “MAIL” who delivers it to our home? Etc….

Like I said we really don't know everything about how Greece operates as the last time we visited was back in 1999.

Can any of you provide and personal experiences or knowledge of this important matter?

I assume Greece doesn't have “Amazon” either? Lol wishful thinking….

Thank you for your kind attention


Too many questions, Vasso. Difficult to handle in one run! Greece is a semi-western country. You'll find many things European or American, but also many things that would be reminiscent of a third-world country. Let's try to answer your questions:

1. Between Herakleion and Chania I'd choose the latter. Herakleion is too crowded. Chania is more beautiful in every respect.

2. Living on a mountain or near the sea is a personal choice, You have to make this decision yourselves.

3. As long as you live in a community such as a village is, garbage collection is guaranteed by the municipal authority,

4. Mail delivery is a little of a problem even in urban areas. For that reason, we tend to rely more and more on email rather than on the traditional mailman. It takes longer and most of your bills will have expired by the date you receive them.

5. Amazon can be accessed by anyone with an internet connection. In Europe, you can have access to Amazon's electronic stores in several countries, such as Germany, Italy, France, and, perhaps more. As most European countries are part of the European Union no import duties apply (unless you purchase from Amazon UK, after Brexit). Amazon Greece does not exist yet, but there are rumors of a Greek subsidiary being under establishment.

I hope I have helped a little.


Yasas Vasili,

Thank you for your prompt response with regards to my questions below

Good to know about the traditional mailman and that all we need is internet connection. I assume we can have our bills forward to our email and pay them directly online?

Crete, have you been to Agios Nicholas?

Do you live in Greece? If yes…which part?

Thank you that has answered a few of my questions too !!

@scheev69 Remote villages usually have mail boxes where a post person will deliver to or you can probably pick up from a mail box at your nearest town post office,we decided to have our bills through our email box but that was a mistake so we are going back to paper bills,they were sending like so many charges through email,billed several times so it became crazy confusing which period we would be paying for.

Oh good gosh that's awful with being overcharged through email for your bills.  Paper 📝 trail for bills ot is!!!

Where in Greece are you living now?

Bjs, hello

for garbage this is to be deposited at the end of the street or neighborhood in municipal dumpsters, no one passes in front of your house,

for the Mails I think you meant the couriers: it is deposited at the local tavern.  you have to go get it.  I do not like Heraklion and its region: but that is only my personal opinion.

I live in Kournas next to Georgioupolis, near Chania and Rethymon: it's greener and more central on the island, there are activities and it's good (little winter but like everywhere here).

So we should be, maybe, soon retired together there (vs you look young like me so we won't say retired but a professional change it makes you eat well at the end of the month!), currently I'm coming for a week in May  and one month in August.

if everything goes as I want, I will be present 6 months in ridges and 6 months in France within 1 to 5 years (but a year is better for me)

.  I have accepted your link request, you can contact me directly.



Thank you for your reply to my questions above

Tell me why don't you like Herklion and it's region?

Have you been to Agios Nicholas in Crete?

Thessaloniki is a beautiful place to retire too.  Someday we will visit there….
Heraklion is very good because it is an active city, full of people and activity.  but for the Cretan landscapes and beauty it's not great: that's why I don't l'île this place .

Agios Nikolaos is a very beautiful little town, but around it is very arid and the landscape a bit disappointing like Heraklion.

here is if you want the landscapes and the Cretan life you have to be close or in Chania, if you like the city life it is Heraklion that you need …

but I have a question it seems to me stupid to seek the city life in  Cretes: it is better to go to a big Greek city or a big city in southern Europe.  Because Heraklion is not a capital like Paris or Amsterdam or Rome: we rather come to Cretes for its sweetness of life: but that's my opinion of course have a nice day


@stefdallavia I think that big city on Crete is not like big city of Athens or Thessalonika or Milan or Rome etc.. which have become intolerable with pollution,noise,consumerism and full of concrete AND nothing much more than cafes,finding a hardware shop may take you a long time.At least on Crete you can quickly get out of town into the countryside.If you have children they soon get to the age where deep countryside doesnt suit them for full time living,they want cafes,frontasteria,meetings with friends,all close to where they live,private music lessons maybe and sport lessons,that wont happen in deep countryside unless mum and dad want to be a taxi service for many years,sat there waiting while child is enjoying all the aforementioned or in the cinema.Life is different with children than when they have flown the nest or can drive themselves around but they will move out for the town as soon as they can which is a pity so a compromise must be made,not big city and not in the countryside too far away from things going on and mixing a bit even for mum and dad,they also may want classes etc..On the edge of town would be good.Always check public transport options,they may very poor.

@stefdallavia m


Thank you very much for your comment below with regards to Crete.

I have two boys ages 13 & 17 and I thought possibly staying in Herklion may suit their needs as it's much more happening compared to Chania

I also deal with chronic pain unfortunately (car accident many years ago) and I would like to stay near the beach with a house or villa as well close to a medical clinic, pharmacy, Oasteopath (? If Greece has one) , hospital, super market etc…..

I was reading online that Chania is beautiful 🙌 with beautiful mountains 🏔 but it's more windy and it often rains with storms. Is this true?

Where in Chania is a good place to check out further for properties that is nice landscaping, beaches, close to supermarket, clinic, shopping etc…..

I would love to check it out 😀

Thank you for your kind attention


Yes, I have been to Aghios Nikolaos and I love it. It is a nice town, although densely built and there are also nice suburbs at a close distance. I live near Athens (~20Km to the east, near the int'l airport). As regards email and s-mail delivery, email is more reliable; I almost entirely depend on email for my bills. S-mail can be too slow for making prompt payment of your bills, but when it comes to delivery of printed material such as magazines, there is no alternative. Using the remote (or rural) post boxes is a good alternative.

@scheev69 You may find yourself loving the rain and storms,the way the climate change is hitting us now its much too hot in summer as early as May with heat waves,I long for a storm and for the rain to fall from the heavens and to drench the land in case of fires.We desperately need the rain.

Rethymno all the way!
It is a beautiful not so small city, but not as busy as Heraklion.
You will find all kinds of services and shops there, not only tourists.

Also take a look at the nature from Rethymno -> Spili -> Agia Galini, loving the southern beaches!
Car ride from south -> Rethymno ca 45 minutes.
High mountains, nice people, blue sea, great for a car/ebike ride.

Also, we didn't have ONE earthquake here yet in the last year :)
So if you ask me - Definitely Rethymno!


Amazon - we use, works well, but you pay for the post and it can take some time (like add a week). big packages are not being delivered, you have to call the postman and get it with car (never happened yet).

There are already several online shops which are delivering european stuff for expats. (once a week, small charge)

Our village has normal modern sewage, others don't. If you rent/buy a house, this is important!

We have containers in the village which are being emptied 2-3 times a week.

What is nice - every morning a guy with cheese/fresh milk is visiting the village, and a second one with fresh vegetables. You WON'T be able to not hear him coming.

Perhaps interesting - internet - took 2 weeks to get it into the house, Cu cable, 50mbps, but reliable. TV through Astra Satellite and Internet (Netflix, Amazon Prime etc) works well.

@scheev69 If you visit Crete I highly recommend hiking the Samaria Gorge. I made a 4K hiking video about it and posted on my youtube channel that includes everything you need to know to plan your hike successfully ([link moderated]

Hi all

I am planning to move to Crete in January of 2023. I plan to rent for about 3 months first, while I look for a property to buy.

My query: Can anyone recommend;

A good English speaking solicitor.

A reliable English speaking estate agent.

If you do not want to post names here directly, please contact me directly at [link moderated]



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Hi Ray, I have Cretan estate agents for you. Fairly good command of English. send me a note, info at [link moderated], Theofanis

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I would say one of the most reliable estate agents (with a fluent English and a fluent German speaking staff) would be Crete Island Estates in Kalives which is near Chania.  If you Google "Crete Island Estates", you should find it easily, and it has a .[link moderated]web address.   The Chania prefecture is a great place to live - fab beaches, stunning mountains, some great archaeology (much of which is just dotted around where you may not expect to find it!).  The main (only!) city of Chania is amazingly interesting with it's Venetian port area, full of interesting ancient buildings and more archaeology. 


Hi Raymond,

I can help you.

Please contact me on Whatsapp ***

Bets regards.


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HI All

My names Chris devon uk I am planning on coming to crete chania area to check the island out for a 6 month stay in november and then permanently hopefully! If anyone can help with advise on travelling there with my wife and a small dog! And any other helpfull advise on renting winter time and buying i am ex forces and keen on off road motorcycling thanks Chris

How much money do I need to retire to Crete?

Hello everyone,

@ Caroline, Till members reply, I suggest that you read the articles of the Living in Greece guide for expats to gather as much information as possible.

All the best


@VasilisC great honest feedback from Vassilis

Chania any day

try to find a property on the east side of Chania called Profitis Ilias - 4km from center with amazing sea views

Can anyone tell me what winters are like in Greece? Temperatures etc

It's a bit of an odd question as it's like saying how warm is the water temperature in the ocean ?

in short it depends - the further south you are the warmer and milder the winters are - the further north you are - they are like Central European winters - cold and sometime wet - people should do a Google search and some  basic research before asking generic questions as this forum is more effective for the more complex questions that often arise - just my 2 cents worth of advice

@PhilIpZ20201 1 I posted this in the Crete forum, not the whole of Greece. I have googled. It says the temperatures. I just wanted some actual experience of Crete in the winter. Not a weather report 👍🏻

Create is like Cyprus in the winter - generally quite warm

@PhilIpZ20201 Crete can get some very difficult weather most winters,storms and flooding,winter will arrive later and temperatures will start to rise earlier than elsewhere,a shorter winter and that is what we all like,not too long.