Paying bills in Greece

Hello everyone,

What bills do you pay? If you are renting, are bills included in the price of rent, and is this common practice in Greece?

How can you pay your bills (e.g. online, at provider's store, at the post office)? Which is the most convenient or reliable way?

With what frequency are different bills sent in Greece? Are there different deadlines for payment?

Thank you for sharing your experience.


I'm living all winter in a hotel, so I don't have bills. The hotel is paid for in cash ;-) But often, I want to buy things online, and that's not possible with any of my international credit cards. It seems that you must have a Greek bank account for that. I've had this problem with the Greek Apple Shop and Vodafone (among others). It hasn't been a problem in other European countries.

Gas, Electricity, water. Generally I pay the landlord (upon reception of the bills) who then pays the utility companies

I pay my elec bill through my bank account,I have had the same problem trying to top up   my greek mobile I have to use my Greek bank card. Water bill is payed at local town hall in cash. Annual tax bills are paid through the bank once you have you printout from the tax office. All pretty easy once you have done it a few times. Helps having a Greek tax accountant!!

A lot of bills can be paid online, either through your Greek bank or through the website of the company.

For example I pay electricity (DEH), Property Tax, Vehicle Tax, through my bank, the National Bank of Greece. I pay Nova TV through the company's website.

The bigger banks offer internet banking in both Greek and English.

i am leaving outside greece how i can pay my water bill in greece

@Antoine Nassrallah

you can pay by greek bank account online (e-banking) but you need to have information from the bill.