Insight on issues/ things I should be aware of when moving to Greece


I am planning on moving to Greece in May, 2024 - I am originally from South Africa, have a French passport and have lived in the US for 24 years.  I will be moving using my French Citizenship and would appreciate any insight on issues/ things I should be aware of. I am naievly thinking that because I have EU Citizenship I wont have the same issues applying for a job or health care.

Any insight would be appreciated!


Hello and welcome on board, Nicole !

Please note that I have created this new thread on the Greece forum from your post so that members can guide you.

While waiting for their responses, feel free to read the Living in Greece Guide for Expats to gather as much info as possible.

All the best


@nicolealievHi,jobs are difficult to come by especially if you dont have good Greek,unless you work for an American or French company,health care you need to pay into the system through a job but best to have private health insurance which will be cheaper than the US,the private standard is extremely good,state care is mostly to be avoided.