Green waste ?

What are thé rules for burning on my land all the green waste? Do i have to get a permission from somewhere?


Burning tree prunings and other similar wastes is free during the winter months but not allowed during the months of increased fire risk (there are usually announcements, but better consult your nearest forestry authorities). You are not allowed to fell trees even if they are on your property without a permit from the Forestry Service. Fines are pretty high in cases of illegal actions.


@sylvie49 I would add that there are some winters where it has hardly rained and we are in April which is still winter formally but the land is dry and a dangerous situation could occur as a result of garden waste burning so ones discretion and forethought must be used even though its actually winter,is the land wet.has it rained recently must be in our minds before we pick up the lighter or the match.And now the fire service wants no garden waste burning in May.I have seen my husbands body clothes on fire from a spark from a welding machine,that spark could have been to the land and another "Mati"why not not leave garden waste to rot down naturally.

@concertina You are at liberty to cut trees on your own land,if you own forest land you are not allowed to though,forest land has its own laws and regulations so be aware of that,you cannot of course build on forest land,a building mechanic would advise you on these matters.Even your own buildable land requires a permit to even lay a concrete platform to put on it a container or mobile home,both of these need a permit,even a set in the ground barbecue needs a permit and believe me there is usually someone or ones who will readily phone the council to give you in and then you will be forced to tear any illegalities down and possibly pay a large fine.Some people keep binoculars at the ready and use them every day to spy on people,of course its a good thing sometimes as some folks may put up an absolute eye sore and that will remain your view for ever.Ifyou buy normal buildable land you must ascertain that any olive trees on it are not owned by someone other that the seller,this does happen and you will become embroiled in a big problem.