Is it true Greece will pay you to move there ?

@Julien good morning everybody my name is Stephen okende I'm leaving in Republic Democratic of Congo I meant 33 years old I have diploma of logistic management in Johannesburg University I saw this amazing opportunity on tiktok that's why l come to find out if it's true I have many skill so if it's true help me to find out how to get there thank you very much


hello and welcome !

What amazing opportunity did you see on TikTok , please ?



@Bhavna hello to move in Greece and you been get paid


Oh ok ! I don't know ! Let's see what members have to share.



Are you people delusional?

    Are you people delusional?


Rather than insult people, why not get yourself informed first?!

Google "Antikythera Island"

The Greek government has offered families 500 Eur/mo for 3 yrs, a home and plot of land.

I would imagine job opportunities would be virtually non-existent and the cost of living would be significantly higher than other Greek destinations. 

@romaniacI dont think the idea is to look for job opportunities under this scheme actually,its a wonderful chance to live on a Greek rural island,a chance not to go shopping almost every day of ones life,to grow food,to just try for yourself on the land and see beauty all around you,be at peace on this planet,be calm and content,perhaps change a cycle of behavior and thought pattern that seems insurmountable for some,I think its a lovely idea and the Greek government and Greek church should continue this scheme,broaden it to other non functioning islands.


I understand your point of view, and yes, why not...

I'm not sure that the bishopric's proposal is still valid. The proposal dates from 2019, and I think it was an announcement aimed at Greeks. 

However, as far as I know, only families with more than 3 children were entitled to apply. Not to mention that it was "preferable" to be a Christian, and to be either a Macon, a construction worker, a baker, a sailor or a fisherman...

Anthikythira reminds me of the stories of Italian villages where you could buy a house for 1 euro and promise to live there.

I don't think this will make much difference to the future of the island.  When the last 25 inhabitants are dead, or no longer able to live on the island, I'm pretty sure that within the next 30 years, a billionaire will buy half the island.


How can I move there?

How can I get started

@Jequintonn Davis

Hello and welcome !

You can start by reading the articles of the Living in Greece guide for expats and contact the Greece Embassy nearest to your country.

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