Dating in Greece

Updated 2023-05-07 12:00

Greece is a country known for its social and friendly culture, which can make meeting new people easy and enjoyable. Whether through mutual friends, joining clubs or hobbies, or even dating apps, there are various ways to find romance in Greece. In this article, we'll explore the different ways to meet someone and the dating practices in Greece.  

Ways to meet someone in Greece

Greeks are very social and gregarious, and it is not unlikely that you can meet someone by chance through the introduction of mutual friends when out for coffee, at a bar, or eating at a taverna. You could also meet someone by joining a club or finding a place where you can pursue a passion, where you are more likely to cross paths with someone who shares your interests, for example.

When you're out at local cafés and bars, try to be open and meet as many new people as you can. If you're lucky enough to have some Greek friends, never hesitate to join them on night outs and meet their friends.

Like the rest of Europe, Greeks use dating apps. The most popular dating apps in Greece are Tinder, Badoo, Bumble and Hinge.

What are dating practices in Greece?

Going on dates in Greece

There are plenty of first-date options in Greece. Popular date ideas include a traditional coffee, drink, and sometimes even dinner. What's more, Greeks are usually welcoming and will happily show you their favorite cozy coffee spot in Kolonaki or their ‘go to' street bar in Exarcheia.

Dating etiquette in Greece

There are no set rules as such for dating in Greece, and you should treat each individual and date as a separate entity. That being said, from a traditional standpoint, in heterosexual relationships, it is usually expected of men to make the first move and ask the woman out. The same goes for paying the bill; usually, this responsibility would fall on the man (with Greece traditionally orientated as a Patriarchal society). However, Greek women are far more independent and conscientious these days, so do not be surprised if she offers to split the bill or pay it completely. That being said, although Greek society has evolved since the 1950s, gender roles still largely remain.

Not many topics are off the conversation if you're on a date in Greece, but it would be wise to steer clear from bashing Greece's financial situation. It is fine to discuss Greece's financial state with your date if the conversation runs that way. However, do not make light of the financial state of Greece; this is a common bad joke, but many Greeks and their families were affected by the crisis, and this invokes some bad memories, so be respectful. It is common sense, but be polite, asking a Greek woman if she wants to see your place after your first date will not go down well. In the same vein, it is frowned upon if you are constantly distracted by your phone. Greeks feel like a date is an investment, so engage in conversation and make the most of the time spent with your date.

Dating as a queer person in Greece

The LGBTQI community in Greece has faced limited progress, largely due to the country's conservative tradition and the significant influence of the Orthodox Church. While attitudes are evolving and younger generations tend to be more accepting and open-minded, older individuals may be less forthcoming and forgiving towards LGBTQI people.

Popular dating apps like Tinder, Grindr, and Her (a dating app for lesbians) are widely used in Greece, while gay nightclubs can be found in the Gazi area as well as in friendly areas around Exarcheia in the city center. Many Greek islands have a thriving LGBTQI community, with destinations like Mykonos and Skiathos being particularly popular during the summer season. Notably, Mykonos hosts the XLSIOR, the biggest summer gay dance party, which attracts thousands of visitors between August 17th and 24th each year.

Regarding dating within the LGBTQI community, things remain challenging in Greece. Although younger generations tend to be accepting and supportive of the community, Greek society and older generations tend to be largely unsupportive and hostile towards LGBTQI dating. Due to fear of backlash and, in some extreme cases, disownment from their families, LGBTQI couples tend not to date openly in Greece.

However, Athens and Thessaloniki are exceptions to this rule, with same-sex couples being able to openly hold hands and with both cities having LGBTQI communities and clubs. On the other hand, in villages and small towns in other parts of Greece where traditional values are still ingrained, same-sex couples openly displaying affection would be frowned upon. Fortunately, hate crimes and violence against same-sex couples are extremely rare in Greece.

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