Buying & Running a used car in Greece

Hi All, New to the forum, but have been finding some great titbits of info, don't know if this topic has already been covered but can anyone tell me the best way to go about buying a used car in Greece, we are in Lefkada so would have to probably go to Ionnina or Patra to find some decent used car dealers, but are they as dodgy as some of the uk one's and what sort of paperwork is involved in

1)Buying the car

Any help appreciated


Hi there,
Used cars here hold their price far better than UK, so can cost!  Have a look at
to give you an idea of the market. If you buy used you have to  go with the seller to the tax office (or KEP) to deal with some basic paperwork.

I you can buy yourself a small new car, Hyundai / Fiat etc. The guarantee alone is worth it with some now up to 7 years! Greeks will tell you there is no haggling with prices in main dealers.....DON'T believe that, I did and got a great deal below the list price on a Ford. Just be prepared to walk away, they want your business.

To buy a car you will need a Greek Tax number and residents certificate. KTEO (MOT) is done on used cars every two years and costs around 50E...however each year you must have a CO2 check & certificate, this costs 10E.

Insurance is expensive, even on cheap second hand cars, a good average would be about 500-600E per year.
There are two bands for car tax. New cars (bought in 2011) are taxed on CO2 emissions (the best option). Older cars are taxed on engine cc. Whatever you buy my advice is NOT to buy above 1600cc.....the tax rise is massive above that size.

Don't forget also to keep all the payment documentation & legal forms for your accountant. Your car must be declared on your Greek tax returns.

Hope this helps........

Hi The Grocer, thanks for your info, and the link to the car sales site, not sure which way we will go with this at the moment, but your thoughts on the new car option are worth considering although we are not sure how much we want to spend, we are looking for a Fiesta/Ibiza/Punto size vehicle

Best Wishes