Relocating to Crete from the UK!

Hello everyone,

We are a married couple looking for advice, information and experiences of anyone who has successfully relocated to Crete from the UK.  We have found a lot of conflicting information online as regards to which legal route to take, ie, working visas, residency visas, marital status, EU/non EU status, self employment, healthcare, citizenship, documentation.. I'm sure this is commonplace for many people!

Our present circumstances are as such that I have an EU passport (based on dual citizenship of Cyprus/UK), and my wife is a third country citizen (UK).  We are also in a financial position to apply for the golden visa (250,000 euros investment).  Ideally, we would both like to be able to work small self employed businesses to have enough cash flow to cover our living costs, and not rely on our savings.

Our timing would be to move mid to late 2026.

Would a golden visa investment in a property, and applying for a work visa be a possible solution.. or is there an easier way to achieve relocation?  We would like to apply for citizenship eventually, but might find the Greek language test an issue, so therefore we plan to renew a temporary visa every five years.  What legal representatives are likely to be required throughout the process?

We have also looked into Cyprus relocation, which would be an alternative destination as my mother is a Greek Cypriot, but after much extensive research, Crete is a more appealing choice for our semi retirement dreams!

We would appreciate any help or advice, or any ideas on alternatives.  Please feel free to message me.

Thank you!

@drumphil I believe that as an EU citizen you can bring your spouse legally to live with you and reside in the EU country which you are residing in,obviously many forms will be required for her and you to submit,also contact the Greek embassy in London for advice.I saw something on the news last week about Golden Visa now being 500.000 in Greece but you will read about that.

@concertina ty for your reply.  Yes I am of that, I believe investment for Crete stays at 250000.  I cannot apply as you have to be non EU citizen, but my wife could.  Can I reside in Crete and buy a property as an EU citizen without a golden visa, and my wife be able to as my spouse?

@drumphil An EU citizen can bring their spouse and children with them,I just looked on line and it tells you what to do,how to apply.You can buy a house easily,many applications now in Greece are done on line for various things.

@concertina Its called an.... EU Spousal Visa.....I was browsing another forum and saw  someone wants to bring their non EU wife to live with them in Greece,they have Irish passport and the answer was...when she is here on her ninety days she can apply,date of entry is first day of the ninety days,keep well proof of application and she may not have to leave as visa may be issued in that ninety days they said in the answer but look on line at what documents are required and I guess will all have to be Apostiled in the UK,I had to do some,the UK office was super great,helpful and fast


Hi there, thank you for your reply.  We would both be moving together to Crete, as I reside in the UK not Crete, so we could still apply for spousal visa?  We are also undecided about whether to apply for a golden visa, or to move to Crete with just our savings and classed as unemployed, until we can buy a property and restart our self employed businesses.  I know that part of residing in Crete is to to prove you are working and earning around 4000 euros a month as a couple?  Would we be entitled to use our savings as proof we have enough to live on until we set ourselves up, instead of trying to find jobs in Crete to cover 4000 euros?  We would have around 600,000 euros in savings.  Would this be accepted as proof of enough money to live on?



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    @GuestPoster31***@Lawyer in Crete


Strange to hear that UK citizens are still EU citizens...  this right has been canceled since 31 December 2020.

Is there some kind of exception in Greece?  (GuestPoster314 is from the UK... )



Υou did mention that your wife has a Cyprus Passport, thus EU.