How am I going to attain this opportunity?

After receiving notification on my PC says that Greece government is offering chance to people want to live there I was interested and wanted to apply but now I am not able to apply. Would share me how?

Hello nishimwejoelpatient,

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Perhaps, what you saw is regarding jobs for foreigners.

I recommend conducting further research on the notification you received to confirm its nature.

Additionally, consider spending some time reading the Living in Greece guide for expats to gather comprehensive information for a successful expatriation.


Cheryl team

@nishimwejoelpatientYou should apply at the Greek embassy in your own country,seasonal workers may get a six month visa for farms,hotels work on large boats gets nine month visa,this can be renewed again the following years but only if someone leaves exactly on time,no over-stay is permitted or a renewal will be revoked.An employer will sign you up and supply accommodation and minimum wage,this is carried out,arraigned by the Greek government,you are required to fulfill certain requirements like health insurance I think,go to....EU Immigration Portal... on line for seasonal workers,some new laws aiding and allowing farmers,tourist industry,fishing,hotel work etc,,have been introduced to ease the shortage of staff in these fields.So go on line for seasonal workers in Greece on a visa for six months each year.If you dont have a Greek embassy in your country you may just have a consulate