I am looking to permanently relocate to Greece


I am Teodora and I am an Bulgarian American
I am looking to permanently relocate to Greece
I am a young retiree and not looking to work any job in Greece
Do I rent or do I buy? Where? Islands or mainland?  Which location you  would recommend for a nice and affordable living?
I don't know anyone in Greece so I would like to get in touch with expats and Greeks alike
I am looking to connect with people, hopefully make contacts in Greece and find friends to socialize with

Hi,just to say..I guess you will be residing here with your Bulgarian European status.Where you decide to stay is perhaps a decision made after much research and perhaps travelling about seeing where you like,rent in the beginning or Air B&B,its cheap.It depends if you are a towny or countryside person.always remember though that its a good idea to be near medical care,transportation,pharmacies etc..and perhaps an airport.Crete seems to be a great favorite with expats where one can strike up friendships easily.You will enjoy life here Im sure, just be sure to not rush in to buy,take a short term rental.I met a couple from Canada the other day,thay had been living there for some time having migrated from Argentina or Chile,they didnt like Canada at all,difficult life style coming from a Latin country.They chose quite by chance a small little sea side town along the coast from Athens to the west,Its my very favorite place if I have to be near Athens,a very small marina,lots of small fishing boats,lots of cafes,quiet,no trouble,hardly any traffic(what a bonus)near train,bus,near coast for swimming,ancient sites,not flashy rich peoples play place.they said they loved it there,anyway you will see where you like.Have fun in your research.

Yes, I will be resting in Greece with my Bulgarian European citizenship. Thank you for your reply and for giving me your thoughts on this. I will be definitely doing more research and in person visits hopefully soon once this COVID madness subsides. .The place you described is exactly what I am looking for, so thank you for the tips

Just private message if you ever want more details about places later on.

Sure, my email is: ***
Please drop me a line

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We cannot give out private details but I will private message you with a contact request and you accept then we can message each other.I have had several people private messaging me without a contact request first who appeared to be scammers,I guess preying on women who might be looking for love,then the women transfer much money to them over time so caution is required.

I don't know how private messaging works. Will you message me here? Yes, I agree. Much caution is needed with scammers praying  on women looking for love, it happened to me too, there are everywhere nowadays.

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I hope to connect with expats and get tips and advice on the Greek living


I am also an early retiry, now living in Athens, Greece. I am a Greek expat and would like to be friends with you as I very much like Bulgarian cutlure.

I have been looking for a house for my sister. She lives permantently in UK married to a Enligh man, has never lived in Greece, has only been a few times on vacation.

From the research I did I can tell you my opinion of where, what, how and why.


Hello. I am Austrian and live in Greece/southern aegean/Cyclades/island of Syros for 7 Years permantly. It was the best time of my life here, with blue sea, daily sun, amazing light, crazy good food and awsome greek philosophy of life. Now i must go back to Austria and sell my cycladian house, a home where soul is around.Ask me for fotos, its an amazing and perfect house with sea view and beautiful garden. I didnt find a button here to add a picture. So i will send you if you want. And think about the "Golden Visa", you get in Greece, if you invest minimum 35ß.000 €.  Best regards Christina

Hello, You think great! I did the same 7 years ago, alone as a woman in erly retirement. I would never live on the mainland, because of the climate. The islands, especially the cyclades (where I live), have no snow, no frost, from June up to October no rain.the temperatures are not to hot, not to cold. But keep care, dont take an island which is very touristic, like Mykonos, Paros,....they are expensive and from October until Maythey are "dead". I live on Syros, the capital island of the cyclades. Its importand to have a hospital in the near, every day living on all dys of the year with lots of activities around and really greek style.....contact me to ask for more, if you like .christina

So lovely to hear that you love your life in Greece.  I also intend to move permanently to Crete but not until a year or so.  Redundancy is expected around that time so will take the necessary steps then.  I do worry that I may be taking a big gamble in doing such a big move from the UK and hope I have the courage to do it when the right time comes around.  Stay safe ladies and take care.


Well Thessaloniki is a nice City, and the surrounding areas like Thermi and Panorama are excellent neighborhoods 20 minutes outside of the City center. I moved here from New York about a year ago and I love it!