Greek Car Import & Applicable Taxes (for relocating Expat)

Hi All,

I'm a British citizen (married to a Greek) due to relocate from UAE to Greece in 2021. I was looking into bringing my car with me (in shipping container with household goods), due to the cheap car prices in UAE in comparison to Greece. I have seen many posts on google relating to this but there's lots of conflicting information and much of it not current (5-10 years old), hence my post.

Whilst I'm sure I can import Duty/VAT free (with a certificate of repatriation, even if in my wife's name), it seems the car will still be subject to Registration Tax and if over 2,000cc Luxury Tax also (which would apply to my car being 2,500cc).

Is anyone able to advise on the following:

1. If they've been through this process - Feedback based on experience
2. Any guidance on how these car taxes are calculated (Registration & Luxury)? Is Luxury Tax still applicable (I see it was introduced in 2015)?
3. Any recommendation on good shipping agents who can assist with this.

Any feedback would be much appreciated.

Many thanks


hey mate,
I'm looking to do the same, did you get any insights you could share?

Hi,the luxury tax still applies,its staggered pricing over 1.9 something,you must look back  at previous postings by The Grocer who is a member here,you will gain much information on the subject as he is very knowledgeable.You will see the conversations and questions from other members to him.

Hi we are taking up permanent residence in Greece and we want to buy a motorhome in one of the other EU member states and import it as it seems that Greece do not have much available locally. Can anyone help me with factual information on importation cost like customs duty, taxes and VAT?

Go to....Angloinfo   greece ,,,,it tells you everything.different rules for permanent as to short stay people.other sites tell you as well.

Hi, I visited Angloinfo but I cannot find actual or projected costs of importing the vehicle.

We just imported our 2 lite SUV from UK. Total cost including tax was 4,500 euros. Plus 160 euros for road tax. It depends on the value of the vehicle and its age. You will pay less import tax if the vehicle is less than 10 years old.

Hey Alex,
Sorry to raise an old post but I am going through similar process at the moment and looking for info/experiences.
Moving from NJ to athens, have a 2016 xc90 which is nearly twice the cost to but in Greece.
Was told by our shipping company that the import duty would be nearly 40% the purchase price.
Seems a bit excessive, i think they just want to avoid the hassle of it. Did you hire a customs/import specialist?
I am Irish (EU citizen) if this makes any difference, we have had the car for 3 years and would be disappointed to have to sell before we leave.


Hi , I imported my vaulkswagon Tiguan with an import specialist. Last  December. Total cost was €4500. plus tax which was only €165. The car was purchased for €6800 in UK and just short of 10 years old. 2 ltr engine. I live in Eiperos but I am sure jt is possible to find a specialist to help you in Athens. I  could send you the contact details of the person who help me if that would help.
Best regards. Ingrid Athanassiu

That would be great Ingrid if you could, was the import duty a percentage of the vehicle cost or based on mileage, engine, age?

Hi Alex,

I am looking to do the same thing, I want to import my car 2013 Mini Cooper S, to Athens from the UAE, I am not sure if it is worthwhile and unaware of the associated costs.

I plan to move all of my furniture at the same time and thought I could fill a container, but not sure of the Import Duty Cost in Athens, I paid 33,000AED and believe the car is now worth approx. 30,000 AED.

Did you manage to get any further information or quotes?

Any Advice you can offer, is greatly appreciated.

Good Luck with your relocation.

Thanks Iain

I've chekced the same to import from Spain. I think is different from a non European country.
What they told me that an EUR 1, 2 or 3 are not possible to import.
An EUR4 car will pay an environmental fine of 4000 eur. This I donŽt know where is the norm, and is not mentioned on customs website!!

From UAE for sure you will need to pay duties and registration fees.
The registration taxes are calculated depending on the car value and its age. Also varies if the car is new or second hand and CO2 emisions. You can check the tables and calculation on this website: and also

I hope you find it. Is quite diifficult in Greece to clarify, there are no profesional people, everyone says something different, which I don't understand if there are laws that define it, but this is another point.

Im told that changing the plates over to Greek ones is very costly ?

You are right - you can't import cars of the EURO 1,2 and 3 standards into Greece.

For EURO 4 standard the special "environmental tax" levied when you (re)register a car (which you evidently have to do upon import) is €3000 and for EURO 5 it is €1000.

More generally, the Greek authorities do their best to discourage the import of second hand cars. Not for environmental reasons but out of simple protectionism on behalf of the Greek second car market. So it is (very) costly.

If you compare the costs in a relatively closed market like Greece to those in a relatively open market like Belgium, the cost of importing a large diesel engined EURO 4 standard car is about 20 times higher.

Of course, the European Commission turn a blind eye......

Hello Squeler
Could you tell me the law where it's said that EUR4 pay 3000 fine?ANd EUR5 1000?

I've been checking laws online and I found that last year Ministry of Environment and Energy put on the table a draft for a new law in which say that EUR 1,2,3 are not allowed to import, that EUR4 will have a 4000eur taxes. Nothing about EUR 5. Has this Draft law  been aproved? If yes, which gazzete? Draft law "Transition to low-emission mobility: Measures to promote and operate the electromobility market"

On the other hand, I found that his year there is a new law in which apply at customs for imported cars, the custom law 2960/2001 is modified by 4831/2021. You can see the full law and its modifications on … -2960-2001

I've just found it.
Thank you